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  1. You heard it here folks, it’s over..... fuck Bohemia.
  2. Hold on, are we still debating this? Shit, im going to put it to rest. Listen, if you have problems with how many hits it takes to get downed, whether its too much or too little, then you're the problem. If you have a continuous problem with the way they work, that means you're the one continuously getting downed by players with superior skill. Simply put, you're not playing right, fix your play-style. REMEMBER THIS: > You dont change the game to allow you to beat it, you change yourself in order to beat the game. Unless you're a cheater of course.
  3. BULLETS SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO HURT ME! wouldnt we all like that?
  4. Would love to see the amount of times APD officers on average get killed fighting the same situation. your point? It doesn't matter. Each situation is different, each requiring different response. Like I said, if you dont think someone is properly using lethals, use the IA section! No point in your idea!
  5. Your idea does absolutely nothing. Our IA system requires video evidence, especially for charges regarding corruption and abuse of apd equipment. The video has it all, rendering your idea useless in any circumstance. Not to mention the various of the problems with the idea (refer to my original post).
  6. No. I don’t think this is a good idea. Sergeants are trusted members of the APD, and this is is useless. Let me break it down. 1. We have an IA system which requires video evidence. No need for a system that just marks down when lethals are used when it doesn’t matter. The victim can just post his side and let the reviewer decide the appropriateness of lethals In the scenerio. 2. The whole point is not to trust officers lower than the rank of sergeant. The point of contacting a higher up for lethals is to actually allow the higher up to interrogate your reasons for the request. Typing a mere phrase in a text box is not beneficial to a higher up in getting all the details he/ she needs. The text thing is a time burden to the officer, whereas verbal communication isn’t. An officer can put any lie or reason in that text box and get unnecessary lethals, it won’t prevent anything. 3. This system has no regard for the times when a higher up is not present. Unless you actually want to remove the unanimous consent policy we have now 4. The 10 minute thing is pointless and inconvient. I’ve been in feds where fights have gone 30-45 minutes full lethal. (It also sounds like you want an officer to never have lethals until it is approved, then your magazines would some how be converted. If I’m correct in my assumption, that is just stupid). 5. This system is streamlined and can easily be abused by officers through lying and misinformation. Any punishment in result of this would still need video evidence, which renders your idea useless. Why, because the video evidence will already have the material needed to make a decision. You can say that the text entry will provide some sort of insight into the actual officer’s reasoning for lethals, but, there are a multitude of other factors that cannot always be represented through text. Basically, record and report. Assuming that video evidence will still be needed to punish someone, the information you want this system to have is pretty much all in the video. It won’t help, it’s just a waste of time for developers 6. This entire idea fails to account for rapidly-changing situations, it also fails to account for many more factors which I don’t have the patience to list. It doesn’t take an Einstein to find out what they are either. Sometimes, perhaps a lot of the times, this system is very inconvient for officers. 7. Yes, let’s let the entirety of the server know where cops are already struggling to survive....... 8. The point of lethals are to be easily accessible, and are already a commodity amongst civilians who kidnap cops. It would Remove a reason to kidnap police (which would involve rp to get them to drop their shit) and be very inconvient for an officer. Moral of the story: Sergeants and higher are trusted members of the community, if you think they did something wrong, file an IA! If you believe an officer shouldn’t of lethaled you or was wrong to do, then file an IA! FILE AN IA! This idea is just useless, we have a good system already. Internal Affairs Section.
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