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  1. Slick I love you
  2. At least i'll go down as a corporal
  3. Shit, get called out
  4. 1. woops, my bad. 2. Do you know what evading is? breaking the law isn't evading the law. Evading the law is purposefully avoiding police/courthouse to escape in paying or serving time for a ticket. You see, breaking the law and not being able to make it to a courthouse because of common aids isnt evading the law, its tough shit. You're applying 1 argument and scenerio to everyone, implying that everyone has the same mindset, being: "Got to fucking avoid the law, nope im not going to pay a ticket until I have too, no im not going to attempt to pay for my actions." Not everyone thinks like this, and considering your past, many, forum arguments I dont think im going to get any where with simple minds. Anyways man, the bigger issue that can be helped out of this suggestion is the following 1. Server growth. When people first start out on asylum, they join the horde, that being kavala. In Kavala they'll find themselves flooded with fucking aids, bad enough already. But then while they're learning the rops, gathering their first 10, 25, or 50k, they'll quickly find that accidental crimes happen. Crimes such as hit and run, unlawful detainment (By accidental I mean not doing it out of cold blood, but out of no choice in situations such as 2 v 1s), and self defense manslaughter are easy to get, especially in kavala. Things you must remember before you shout "LEAVE KAVALA YOU IDIOT" Is that a large majority of our server population, community, and new players stay and play in Kavala. Having a way to avoid going to prison for these charges due to honor hungry bounty hunters helps the attitude of these players towards the server. Who the fucks happy or understanding when it comes to their shit being stripped with no thought, or explanation given what so ever by a fucking sign. No one is, so having the ability to pay for your ticket when being turned in (with the money still being distributed to the bounty hunter/hunters of course) is a great way to relieve that loss, you still have whatever gun, item, etc that you wouldn't of had after prison. I can bet no one will be like "Darnit, I still have shit on me, I just hope I get sent to prison to lose this stuff." Please think through this idea, it helps the attitude of players towards the server and might just make 1-2 people stay, every player helps. 2. Shit, thats it. Now lets go over negatives. 1.
  5. 1. That is exactly what were trying to allow, this entire game, or should I say server, is practically base on the circulation and earning of money. So why not? Because they should spend time in prison for dumb shit like unlawful detainment, hit and run, or should I say, s-s-s-s-peeding. Cmon man.... 2. What do you mean evaded the law. Having a bounty is no proof of evasion of law, it is proof of breaking it of course, but you're acting as if he has had time to even pay or turn himself in. No. Quit using circumstantial evidence bro. Shit happens, and time is a bitch. 3. The fuck are you on about? "If you dont want to lose gear, dont buy it" Bud, thats like saying, "If you dont want to die, dont live." If you dont want to get in a car accident. "Dont buy a car", "If you dont want to lose money, dont earn money", "If you dont want to fail, dont try". Kid, tell me how one is going to also bounty hunt, protect themselves from the common robber, hold ups, kidnappers, idiots, rdmers, vdmers, etc without gear. You're so illogical my man. Also, you're right! Pay your ticket, isn't that the entire point? Dont want to to go to prison, pay the tricket! THE CRIMINAL STILL IS AT A LOSS! s i m p l e
  6. This is a lite rp server, not real life, in real life rubber bullets don’t knock you out, even for 30 seconds if it did. In real life you are held up for a few days at least in jail, on here it’s at max 45 minutes. In real life... wait it doesn’t matter, this is a game. We can change things to the way we want them in a game. Realism would destroy asylum. Your argument is flawed and illogical
  7. That’s why we should allow an automatic ticket to be given when turned in at courthouse . do you not understand what a suggestion is? It isn’t in the game, hence why it is being thrown out there for LOGICAL discussion. The idea is to allow an automatic ticket to be given to the person being turned in, if paid, all money and honor still goes to the bounty hunter.
  8. Thanks for agreeing, we’re allowing them to do what you want, pay. It’s also hard to pay for tickets due to risk factor trying to get to point a to b because of the hungry bounty hunters, I don’t see where this idea has a negative still.
  9. Why are you against this, you’re legit so negative, all your evidence, and some of mine, is circumstantial, scenario based, which is why context matters. If it saves some people from losing to bullshit, it’s a good idea and thing to implement. Want to talk about kavala, what about the small bounties that groups of bounty hunters kidnap while in police custody, happened to me 3 times as a cop yesterday. Shit happens, you’re legit trying to find ways to make this seem bad, but it isn’t bad. Give it a break.
  10. I’ve been on cv many ones where the chaos cities can produce is simply overwhelming, meaning that it is hard to get to point a to b without some sort of obstacle. even if it is a way out, well he’s losing money. Which promotes them not to Keep Fucking up, either way they lose money, if they refuse ticket it is prison, if they pay it, they lose how ever much the ticket is. It doesn’t take away the consequences, of anything it’s still a lose lose for the criminal. I feel you’re trying to find stuff to complain about.
  11. This is for when officers aren’t on duty or around, and when it’s bs charges. I don’t know why you’re against it, overall it’s still a positive idea, no negatives. The courthouse functions like an officer taking away your bounty hunter liscense for no reason, this will prevent you from losing money to bullshit.
  12. Exactly, you can get bounties as a bounty hunter for simply being a bounty hunter, which is why an option to pay should be implemented. Thanks for picking roc Nvm my point. Law breakers shouldn’t be able to bounty hunt. But bounty hunters should be allowed to hunt without the law fucking them over
  13. And lockpicks, bounty hunter liscenses, extra guns on you, and yeah...
  14. I think when you’re being turned on by a bounty hunter at courthouse you should get the option to pay for the ticket, and I have a limited time of 10 or so seconds to pay it. This is to prevent civs from going to prison for pathetic 3-7k tickets on hit and runs or manslaughter. The bounty hunter still gets the money in return, bam less people get salty they’re going to prison, bounty hunter still wins. Simple.
  15. I guess we can tell whose going for Lt.