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  1. Organize a hemmit event or convoy event with the APD.
  2. Listen man, everyone feels the need to shit on the apd, the thing that keeps the server alive. Makes sense
  3. Read the context of my claim before you claim I do that man.
  4. RP, a mere phrase or shitty explanation isn’t rp. We’re encouraged to try to seek a story and force one out of suspects, but if they don’t want to use their brain and think of a decent explaination that isn’t used 24/7 then it isn’t or problem tbh. I’m not going to reduce someone’s ticket for a mere phrase of small explanation.
  5. afk doesnt count my guy. fuck u got me
  6. Okay inactive... dare I say it... cop.
  7. I get called robocop when people expect a pardon for saying “self defense” and I give them a half ticket.
  8. Well, I mean people barely use turn signals in real life.
  9. The teenager that made the original recording confirmed its laurel, thank you new york times and new york post!
  10. Ayeee lit
  11. Not to be that guy, but who Is space, I never seen him around.
  12. You have to be shit to be killed by people camping rebel 24/7 then.
  13. This honestly depends on what type of “cutting” you’re thinking of?
  14. K?
  15. Ummm, this is old; and I was defending someone who SEEEMINGLY (key word) trying to insult someone with forum rep, I was basically saying he has no room to talk. Anyways bye now, don’t revive a dead threat tbh, I still have never met you outside of forum tbh.