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  1. Increase the price of being a bounty hunter (license).
  2. This is some quality roleplay. Really liked the part when he said "and fuck your dog" Someone find this man the "hurt feelings report" form.
  3. You think your other chargers even matter if its a straight to jail charge? Straight to jail means straight to jail. Not Straight to jail after reading all of your charges. I'd only identify the charge that makes you eligible to go to prison.
  4. 1. There are various other reasons to send someone in jail during combat, such as not wanting you in combat. 2. You're assuming they're money hungry 3. You're at a police facility, a prison, where there are various amount of resources available (in a real life sense) such as jail cells, security, and more. Of course they should be able to send you to prison inside, you know, a Prison. The Bank is a completely different scenario where a lot of RP can be had.
  5. You're missing your own point. Which is: " I don't want to be sent to prison for the charge." None of the other straight to jail charges say "Straight to jail, except when X, Y, and Z." Sorry dude, its Straight to Jail, not Straight to jail AFTER combat.
  6. Then dont do the prison. This issue has been addressed multiple times. Maybe its time to rethink the skill live required to do a prison successfully. Maybe Banks and Feds are more suited for your type of play style. Prison may be the "endgame" of asylum.
  7. I don't get it. You guys start prisons with the goal of killing the same cop over 10 times (in most prisons) and to break out your friend. And complain after you overstay your visit and get caught. I don't like the fact that you guys have to be sent straight to prison, but you clearly go in there knowing what the risks are. So don't complain about the consequences when you already knew you would be facing them in the first place. Now my only idea would be for the officer to be required to give you a full, or half ticket (depending on if you came many minutes after the prison was over) before sending you. Most of the time, at least for me, I dont send those people to prison. So, dont be toxic and maybe they'll process you.
  8. Hi ron, im right here, how are you?
  9. April fools came early boys! We have this, on an individual basis. There is no need for any corperation type system.
  10. William after reading this comment ^.
  11. I think the "hide in the support channels" was mainly there for emphasis.
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