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  1. no, please. You're too old for this Volunteer.....
  2. o7 Ron
  3. +1. coolest kid on the block
  4. Or you could just check your phone at the appropriate times?
  5. 5 YEARS BRO! 5 YEARS!
  6. @Xavorey That GreenDeemon head shot was sick
  7. Nice to meet you?
  8. I made a thread regarding a similar idea, I think designated special days where profits are increased may be beneficial too. I like this idea a lot.
  9. Character and account support/ compensation requests.
  10. “We meant October of next year guys”
  11. Pilot applications are open!
  12. hi

    Welcome to asylum!
  13. Hello Rosie, welcome to asylum.
  14. Just rob your local best buy.