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  1. Let it die.
  2. Hello, I dont know you, but welcome back! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Bye Mitch!
  4. Wow, nice music.
  5. Sure
  6. I'm pretty sure he has a green card, may be a VISA, either or, its gone.
  7. McGreggor tapped and lost the match, Khabib tapped and lost his fucking green card.
  8. Huh?
  9. Is you good?
  10. Seriously, who the hell cares about that Connor McGregor, he got knocked out by Floyd Mayweather.
  11. Make me a damn sandwich hows scum’s pvp going now?
  12. Thanks for keeping us informed on the events in Altis! Can we get an update on the havoc taking place in these battlegrounds notorious gangsters call "cartels"?
  13. Bro I was just telling you to go to suggestion and feedback, or request comp. It appears you are trying to push your objective in the wrong place. Again, suggestion and feedback is the place to go. I’m not denying anything happened to you, I’m simply questioning what happened to you due to the lack of evidence. A lot of people complain about “issues” in game related to the loss of money, when it turns out they just lost money due to their own faults.
  14. You’re saying something that is useless to us, no video to back you up, devs can’t do anything about it because they don’t even know if it happened. What do you mean toxic?