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  1. I are box
  2. Only on S3 and devs now know about it.
  3. Time to get off the phone with amazon. @Painbringa112
  4. KBW was part owner with others in STS they kind of died long ago. Even Alan was part owner one time of STS but they fired him. I rather have Alan then KBW.
  5. Which servers? What do you suggest they do about the people who have houses on those servers?
  6. @Hammerlock
  7. @The Monopoly Man
  8. First
  9. Pinned and best wishes @bigjohn561
  10. No reason to try and hide it I fucked up
  11. Was me
  12. Only person I know who left to get a ethernet cable and came back with a new truck. T.T
  13. You are getting kicked for ping. Ping too high (1704/ 350 ms)