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  1. Trilligy

    People Getting CL Bans

    We can see when servers are having issues with most things but every so often we can't and its in those times I ask but most of the time it is someone having issues with their client.
  2. Trilligy

    Web Server restarter

    We can only restart servers when we are on the servers. If the servers are taking a shit we can't restart them only devs and owners can.
  3. Trilligy

    This topic is now closed to further replies.

    This topic is locked, but your permissions allow you to add new replies.
  4. Trilligy


    Icy-veins.com is going to be your friend or join a class discord. They just slowed down leveling by a significant amount but if you are leveling with friends and one of them is playing tank honestly just spam LFG and quest between ques, there is no down side to even doing this leveling solo since all the zones scale up dynamically.
  5. Trilligy

    So this happened...

    @Bikstok huh?
  6. Trilligy

    Server 2 ???

    2pm CST tomorrow.
  7. Trilligy

    Miss the good old days.

    Lew is not the LewLew kid....
  8. Trilligy

    Host Provider Migration

    Na, we are all just laughing
  9. Trilligy


    I are box
  10. Trilligy

    Dont pick barley

    Only on S3 and devs now know about it.
  11. Trilligy

    Welcome to our new moderators

    Time to get off the phone with amazon. @Painbringa112