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  1. @Hammerlock
  2. @The Monopoly Man
  3. First
  4. Pinned and best wishes @bigjohn561
  5. No reason to try and hide it I fucked up
  6. Was me
  7. Only person I know who left to get a ethernet cable and came back with a new truck. T.T
  8. You are getting kicked for ping. Ping too high (1704/ 350 ms)
  9. Ping is 350 / Desync 7000
  10. I see you had 2 open comps, I took care of those for you @Sergey Shoygu ps fuck jiga and his grammar nazi ass
  11. Sorry calling everyone idiots
  12. We actually didn't know till Gnashes was calling everyone retarded for not checking server mem sooner
  13. Everyone gets tired of server issues
  14. I honestly have no idea Bamf thought it was an update (windows) because the servers were just randomly shutting down. Honestly it might be damage done when the host company randomly turned everything off one day because since that day we have been having this problem. Hopefully when Bamf gets home he can take a good look and get things somewhat stable