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  1. Cannot seem to get onto Server 1 anymore. Other servers are fine.
  2. I need the money more than you
  3. One of them MXs is mine. Can I have it back? :-)
  4. The Killings of Tony Blair
  5. Tbf this is pretty cheap considering it'll speed up the time on a drug run + the thousands you get doing a drug run anyway
  6. +1 Maric Plus when I go to the admins over a compensation for a logged bounty I usually get less than 1/2 the amount of the bounty - I've recently slowed the amount of reports I submit as the software required to record my Arma + the time and effort required to report far outweighs the compensation and worth I get, for I do not see an incentive in reporting people who often get less than a day in bans.
  7. Garage fees seem to be fairly hap-hazard, I feel as though these garage fees have been pulled out of thin air - and garage fees definitely add up over time. For example: - Police Hummingbird costs 20 000 dollars to buy. It costs 2500 dollars a time to pull out. - Police Hellcat costs 70 000+ dollars to buy, yet this one costs 100 dollars a time to pull out! These aren't the only vehicles, but how do the developers justify these garage fees?
  8. Swear community goals don't work for me anyway. We're meant to have no garage fees, yet I get charged for every vehicle I pull out - including the 2500 dollar a time Police Hummingbird (which only costs 20k itself).
  9. No governor's manifesto butters my crumpets yet. It's been years since a governor has handed out free, tasty and beautiful weed from HEMMTs to the homeless of Kavala.
  10. NOTE crates do NOT transfer (as far as I'm aware). Do not be mislead by the amount of crates that are already in the house. Admin to confirm please
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