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  1. Changelog - Domination ?
  2. good shit tp on top
  3. CRH

    Arms Island Shed

    gonna close this some point today highest offer will take it
  4. House, Garage, Industrial Shed: Shed Industrial Shed Size (220k): 220k Location (Town/DP#): Arms Island Asking Price: Offer Description: By oyster field Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  5. well, we lasted about 4 hours
  6. not even trying to beef here but when I talked to mitch i agreed with the concept of sharing bans if they provided some sort of evidence with the bans. zurph/uc were actual global bans. my ban came from a milsim server by an admin that has 150 hours on arma so imo its completely different. i'm sure there are some annoying kids in his dms 24/7 asking for unbans but a lot of those people are also probably global banned or at least banned off another altis life server not by an admin with 150 hours on the game saying you shouldn't be shooting at someone 1km out with an mk200 lol
  7. hey its ok an admin with 150 hours is dictating my ban here i guess. all i can say is crazy how this is the treatment a player gets that has played on the server for 5 years, offered to help with server upkeep when other owners were involved when the server was half dead, created google docs full of ideas for gang life and shared them/communicated with devs
  8. not like there will be more than 2 gangs fighting in it anyways
  9. lets get some booming fights going on the server again
  10. CRH


    i know you were flaming me gonna miss the side chat banter between us. made arma entertaining tbh
  11. never safe driving ifrits around this man
  12. CRH


    unfortunately that's actually the reason. i already spoke with him and it's basically a policy they have and won't make exceptions. asy shares koth bans and oly shares asy bans so basically i'm banned off every server for it
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