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  1. we dont sit in them we do it the old fashion way
  2. another day, another connor whiff https://gyazo.com/b47c4739888405a0acad6a0e83a426d0 not looking good for the ? gang
  3. i think you got it wrong. ? gang around oskarrs sister
  4. if i whiffed on a daily basis i'd find an excuse too.
  5. https://gyazo.com/e56964d887c27c86af916323800d5969 dont forget this one. retard really thought making this was a good idea when he whiffs every single fight.
  6. accepted steves an inbred mutt and has no say in this gang
  7. not even the almighty plague can stop the syn train
  8. status update even without me the ? guild still struggled to win cap.
  9. will make a status update on day 7 when im unbanned. they couldn't handle it
  10. yessir syn does indeed look on top
  11. man that ? gang really sucks. day 2 of them not making it past vendor/n rocks. hopefully a different gang starts fighting so the competition heats up
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