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  1. Shit, son. Glad to hear @BaDaBiNg_10-8 and @Clint Beastwood are taking over.
  2. Shade

    07 Everyone

    o7 Spy, I always knew you would be gud from the day I met you. Thanks for the kind words. <3
  3. LOL Alec the type of mothafukkah that you just know you are going to like his video and do it before it begins.
  4. I absolutely love this idea, regardless of how it is implemented. I randomly play medic just because its a hassle free way to play the game. That being said, there are a lot of ways this could be designed... Forget the idea of medics. Make these whitelisted slots Doctors. These are civilians with a different talent tree, think doctors without borders. They are governed by Bada (Surgeon General) w/loose connections to both the APD and Rebels/Civilians. Doctors get access to Orcas, sports, maybe even hunters if we are feeling spicy. Doctors are allowed to carry a variety of downing weapons to protect themselves, albeit no zipties. (just a thought, inb4 medics shouldn't get weapons for X and Y) But lets be real here, unless defibs are taken from everyone else, these whitelisted slots will be a novelty at best. Load them up with purple smoke grenades as well. If these are special whitelisted slots, they should be given to trusted players, which is literally the only way this next part will work in any capacity. So how do you avoid preferential treatment from the doctor faction to the rebels/apd/etc? When someone dies/requests medic, you and your highly trained comrades are assigned a mission to revive them much like a robbery dispatch. You don't get to pick who you would get paid to save. Might be Bikstok today, could be Captain Monopoly tomorrow. Although you can still revive whomever you want technically, once you revive the designated target, depending on the situation, the group of swagged out doctors decide how to proceed/to pull out/if the situation is too hot to handle. With the above system in mind, you never know when the boys in green/yellow will show up, and you don't know if they're coming to save your sorry ass or help someone else. Some of the main talents... All the APD prestige medic perks by default, obviously. Near instant revives/splints, free/instant bloodbags, unlimited painkillers etc. Stabilize - Allow a trained Doctor to 'restrain' and 'move' dying people to a safer location for revive. Make this a keybind so that highly trained Doctors can Kavala shuffle through the line of fire to relocate bodies. Liaison to the Law - Reviving an APD member instantly repairs your nearby vehicle and provides you with a 25hp overheal for 3 minutes. Squalle! - Reviving someone with rebel training deploys Ifrit smoke. The People's Champion - Reviving a licensed bounty hunter/non-rebel has a 25% chance of being an instant revive and spawns 2 redgull on the ground 100% of the time. Swift Medicine - Default movement speed increased by 10%. Reviving someone increases this bonus to 20% for 1 minute. Imported Russian Dash Cam - Your extensive experience as a medic allows clever manipulation of insurance companies. May clear one hit and run charge every 10 minutes. Snap Out Of It - Every 2 minutes you can instantly cancel the downed state on a player. I'm somewhat medicated during the writing of this post but at this moment, I feel this is a solid platform to build on. If these are just whitelisted medic slots with a few extra perks that constantly lean toward reviving only the APD first, it will be boring af. I would personally volunteer to help Bada lead up this new faction and guide Asylum into the future of highly specialized medical recon and extraction.
  5. I'm not quite sure why I'm writing this as I will be the first to tell you that Nathan is a mong. That said... How is it any of your concern how old Nathan is? He has done the training thing for as long as I can remember and some people really like that scene. Good for him and it helps to have a place for basic plebs to learn basic things. Oh and btw, your code idea is dumb as hell as well as patrolling w/no vest and only a zubr although 10-47 was a top level meme, so for that I thank you. However, you are in real danger of becoming a meme yourself. Take it from a stranger as I have absolutely no idea who you are... If you want to make RP better, this isn't the way my child.
  6. Add 2 side entrances to the complex in front of the barracks on prison island. If the deerstands had to worry about more than one entry point, things get spicy. Or just remove the deerstands/sandbags/gate altogether and put in some H barriers which are less than ideal for quick peeking. Could still snipe from the barracks but the guy doing the prison break has to stay somewhat exposed. Add an underground tunnel operated by Harriet Tubman that guides APD across the bridge toward the promiseland. The possibilities are endless, but there is a handful of ideas that took 20 seconds to come up with. @HotWings Not sure where you stand here, do you actually like the new prison? Either way, I didn't mind it even as it was. Mindless rushing will always be punished on that bridge, but there are other ways to get across.
  7. The prison sucks. No one does it/cares to do it anymore. They basically removed prison breaks from being an APD event by changing the way most everyone liked it. The old prison with a few simple alterations to discourage sniping would be 100% better IMO. I haven't seen a prison break in months. If we ever get the old prison back, I have some memes ready.
  8. Born into a life of crime, deceit and intrigue within a small village in the heart of Croatia, he knew even at a young age where his destiny would take him. Stealing car radios and 1995 toyota rims soon couldn't fill the void that had developed where his heart once was. Countless hours spent squatting and loitering simultaneously near places of interest, public parks and open car doors providing forum support in a place where internet is as rare as running water. Despite odds stacked against him and a routine of heavy medication, our lad maintains a swift hold on the one thing all other candidates lack. Persistence. Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. #Cukofuko4Mod
  9. @Rodrigo Still hope to see you on P2, you are a gentleman and a scholar.
  10. TBH Katheeri is better than most cadets I've seen. You just need to keep a parental hand on his shoulder and steer him toward justice. Katheeri, pls double tap capslock so that you can hotmic while you read off charges/etc. You could have killed Norwegian faster if you shook the spike strips more rapidly, increasing your TTK before returning to the briefing line. If you press the corresponding letter of the person you are looking for, it jumps there on the wanted list. IE: Mono-poly man could be found by pressing M after pressing 1. Keep up the good work, cadet.
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