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  1. I understand why it exists, but the fact that my support request got denied for being in the mid 4 minute range is fucking STUPID and makes me not want to play anymore. - I had JUST joined the server and so hadn't been on it for 5 minutes, therefore it is LITERALLY impossible for me to have recorded it with shadowplay. - You can literally hear the guy initiate in the video (The issue is he killed me while he was initiating, as in "Hands up or di-*Starts shooting*" What this means is if someone joins, feel free to RDM them in the first 4 minutes and 59 seconds! You won't be ba
  2. The guide about Scotch is wrong. You need yeast too.
  3. I am extremely disapointed that you are called 'Invictus' but not be about anything Latin or Roman.
  4. Sound muted sound resumed sound muted sound resumed
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgsEBTbZgSU
  6. You say that but earlier I had 6 6.5mm bullets and all to the chest/arm didn't kill someone, but if I had 30 I would have killed them.
  7. I disagree. Just about all the videos like that you see have the same type of music, and I don't think it fits at all.
  8. I think it is good, but the music... needs to go
  9. remove kebap and remove baguette Edit:
  10. 1 Mil and then you get prestige.
  11. Veras

    New CPU

    8gb of any ddr3/4 is good, 16gb is better. No need for more than 16. Corsair h100i cooler. Any $100-$200 motherboard, really.
  12. So just like Mojang did? That's really dumb.
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