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  1. lol that used to be my favorite server to test my scripts
  2. You never know when your doughnuts have been cut with fentanyl.
  3. Paratus started this as a hobby. He probably never expected it to get this big and three years later who can blame him for getting tired of it and moving on. That being said, good thing we have KBW back.
  4. Disclaimer: My advice is probably the best on this topic! I run on full ultra and get 60+ fps everywhere (including Kavala). My specs are i5 6600k overclocked to 4.2GHz, EVGA 1060 SSC, FAST DDr4 RAM, and an SSD. Overclock your cpu and gpu if you can. invest in fast DDR4 ram, or up it's speed in the bios (some have this option), and GET AN SSD. Arma is relatively light with ram usage so it has to constantly be reading/writing to and from your disk, thus fast ram and an SSD are essential; doing this will eliminate your frame drops when scoping in and in cities. Your Cpu and Gpu should be fine as are, just try overlocking and be sure to set your launch options to optimize all your RAM, VRAM, CPU cores, and hyper-threading if you have it.
  5. Should be an option to buy a random color ifrit. Every time you pull it out it would be a different color!
  6. Surprised to say I actually like it!
  7. Try this out in the mean time.
  8. I think cpl+ should have access to .308 rifles; After all, they've earned it!
  9. Oh you mean you changed one function call in the flashbang script. Congratulations!
  10. #login [email protected]@ss1!
  11. To end your loop
  12. I'd recommend duping. Pm me for detailed instructions.
  13. MX is an absolute shredder if you don't play with a steering wheel
  14. So I got my os sorted but now whenever i try to install my graphics drivers the computer crashes mid way through. tried a bunch of legacy drivers/updading os and same thing resulted. the other day before this I was getting blue vertically segmented lines on my screen. any advice? is my card fucked or is it software?
  15. @massi I'll sell you a sgt uniform, black mk1, black mxm, and a flash bang In exchange for laws of war dlc. Offer stands for anyone btw.