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  1. I'd recommend duping. Pm me for detailed instructions.
  2. MX is an absolute shredder if you don't play with a steering wheel
  3. So I got my os sorted but now whenever i try to install my graphics drivers the computer crashes mid way through. tried a bunch of legacy drivers/updading os and same thing resulted. the other day before this I was getting blue vertically segmented lines on my screen. any advice? is my card fucked or is it software?
  4. @massi I'll sell you a sgt uniform, black mk1, black mxm, and a flash bang In exchange for laws of war dlc. Offer stands for anyone btw.
  5. How else am I to run my bot net to Ddos asylum; come on, you really think it was fittybread?
  6. from a scale of canada to africa how likely is it i will get a virus from him
  7. My os got fragmented between my three hard drives. If anyone has an enterprise (multiple use) windows 10 key I'll make it worth your while to give me one.
  8. clearly you've never dropped acid
  9. thought wrongfully was a link. tried to click on it. disappointed.
  10. @BRICK TOP
  11. @IdioticRussian
  12. Only when you listen to Phish.
  13. ifrit setObjectTextureGlobal[2,"abcdefghijklmnop.jpg"]; There's a free hovercraft ifrit skin for you!
  14. www.hansaRoad.alpha.onion
  15. hint "you're welcome";