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  1. Can you tell me why your still breathing you fat cunt? Maybe with the few fingers you have left you should learn how to tie a noose you autistic cunt.
  2. I knew i should of nuked it....
  3. I got it unlocked now no more toxicity boys
  4. He didnt say that im not an idiot server was just getting boring so i said fuck it
  5. they didnt catch me thru soundcloud they caught me through the logs its not hard to see "Random Name Has Transferred 500k+ to Cougar"
  6. Why was hap hazard so angry tho?
  7. What did they say it was? im innocent
  8. I dont really play olympus lol
  9. My bad cutie couldnt find cg killz<3
  10. o7 asylum it was a good run had lots of fun and made a bunch of new friends. I would like to thank @Nomadox(For being one of my fav people of all times) @Rook 9mm(For teaching me how to not be retarded) @UNDERC0VER(For being a chill guy and always making me laugh) @Jaconite(For making a l33t guild with me) @Professor Pericles(For always helping out with problems I had) @Fudger(for being the best memer and greasy italian ever) @Marzoh(For being a chill guy to play with) @Tricks(For always vouching for me) @MARCUS STANLEY xD(My first gang i was in and hes cute<3 @BananaGoatPC(My favorite volleyball) @Maric(My cute ass owner<3) @Faarooq(For being cute af) and a lot more for giving me a great time. o7
  11. Cougar.

    Roast Me

    Tbh yes its very tiring takes a lot of skill
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