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  1. Tell her to dress nice because your going to the Golden Arches restaurant. Then show up at McDonalds.
  2. Nice shot man. Not sure why they hovered the way they did. I was really looking forward to dropping in and seeing what happened as I was kidnapped in this heli on cop at the time. Here is the crash from my pov.
  3. The FPS I get depends on allot of different factors. That being said im going to give an average based on playing on the asylum servers. On average I would estimate that using all ultra settings with some post processing effects turned off at 8000 view distance and a 2560x1440p monitor my frame-rate is between 50-95fps depending on where on the map I am. Honestly for arma I cant stress enough that the best route is INTEL! and nvidia. Get a good single thread performance quad core processor. (Dont get the new i9's) Don't even bother with AMD. Its not necessarily about which is better but arma has always run like shit on AMD. Full build can be found here: Processor (CPU): Intel Core i7-6700K Quad- Core overclocked to 4.8GHz (Corsair H100i GTX AIO Watercooler) Graphics Card (GPU): MSI Geforce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X non overclocked RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB Storage (HDD/SSD): Samsung -950 PRO 512GB M.2 SSD (Read speed 2500MB/s) Power Supply (PSU): Corsair 850W PSU Software: Windows 10 Arma 3 Build: Screenshots of setting below
  4. Not this much...
  5. Best way to record is Shadowplay. Set at 1080p 15-20 bit rate with 10 minute record time. Whenever something happens just hit the save button and your good to go. In terms of editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Creative Cloud). Although if you are just using it to make player reports there are cheaper and even free options that will work. Or you could always pirate if your into that. Sony Vegas seems to always have lots of tutorials on how to get it for free.
  6. Kills 1 random at rebel...adds shit song(or whatever that was)....uploads video on forums.
  7. I distinctly remember when bounty hunters were able to restrain their bounties without their hands up. I would sit in Kavala at the courthouse and then restrain and send to jail in one swift motion. Im sure i probably made some rage happen.
  8. Honestly if they made using spike strips any more difficult then they would be pretty useless. Most officers don't use spike strips at all and those that do have immense difficulty doing so. It isn't easy to know where a car is going and to get into a position where you can spike strip them effectively. Often they turn unexpectedly, or when they see a cop just simply swerve out of the way expecting to get shot at. Even when they don't you have to place them where the civilian cant see you or the spike strip easily. I have had many times where they don't even work and someone can drive over them without the wheels breaking at all. In fact they already nerfed them a little because they used to instantly pop all the tires but now they only break a couple at random allowing someone to sometimes drive to cover. I am probably one of the only person who spikestrips the way you see in my video and now that its out I've had multiple people come and ask me how I do it.
  9. Damn, I like this version allot better. I look like a beast lol.
  10. More video clips showing funny moments or times where things didn't turn out as expected. PS. I was DARED to upload this!
  11. Holy shit you got 3 of them? I didnt even know that many had gone missing. I just heard someone say they walked out with lucky. Honestly i dont remember seeing you guys walk past me after i reconnected and ran down the tower. I was focused on helping get the 3 suspects still outside the HQ. Some good shit though, its not often someone slow walks out with 3 damn guys. You were like hitman blending in. Tunnel vision is a bitch. Should have kept the ones not being processed in cars. Hindsight is 20/20. 10/10 confidence+blind people=success i guess
  12. I just logged on and for being #3 i got 720k Not bad.
  13. Have it so that if you want to switch teams you forfeit any rewards or statistic gains associated with winning. That way people who dont care about the end of game rewards can help balance the teams yet keep people from switching to the winning team just so they gain the winning bonuses. Also make it so once there are 3 or less capture points on a given team switching teams is not possible. This would help eliminate people from switching to the winning team last minute to make their egos feel bigger. If possible maybe even add an incentive for people who are not yet locked to a team to join the team with less players. Maybe add a multiplier that is active where depending on how outnumbered you are you gain more money from kills and captures. I think implementing this or something similar will help balance the teams and make it more fun for everyone.
  14. Whenever you reload your weapon on strife regardless of how much ammo you have the whole mag disappears. Was just wondering if this is intentional or not. I find it very frustrating as i have OCD and i cant stand having a magazine that isn't full when i could reload and have a full one. If possible could we please fix this as its very frustrating losing all of my ammo.