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  1. While yes during these events there is a theoretical "endless wave" of police officers you are missing quite a few important things. The first being that the rebels get to choose the time and place of the fight. They already know how many cops are online and they have time to setup and prepare for the fight ahead of time. The second is that the rebels CHOOSE to participate during these events. Nobody makes anyone rob the fed or bank, it is up to the people initiating the robbery. They know the risk they are taking and they know the force that is likely to respond. Police officers are required to respond to the bank or fed at-least once but realistically the average cop is going to respond between 2-5 times during one of these events sometimes more depending on how bad the officer is or how long the fight lasts. Despite what some civilians may think cop load-outs are not quote on quote free. Yes if you want the base load-out then its free but almost everyone runs at-least a 4k load-out. This can be between 8-25k for sergeant and lieutenant load-outs especially if they choose police coveralls. So on average a cop will lost between 9-15k per bank/fed that they are obligated to show-up to. Yes you could use the argument "oh but cops are only required to respond to bank once, then they can leave" but lets be honest, nobody wants that. The cops want to catch the rebels and the rebels WANT to keep killing cops. Lets not also forget that statistically in order to win an engagement where the enemy is in a fortified position the odds need to be 3-1. Imagine how lob sided this can get when you add in the fact that the bank roof and Alamo feds are ridiculously easy to defend. The last point i'm going to make is the use of helicopters during a bank robbery. Lets look at 2 scenarios. First scenario, lets say there happens to be a cop that can pull an Orca. This Orca costs 100-120k and the cops are going up against rebels with guns that are much more capable of disabling or shooting out the pilot from the Orca vs the cop mx. Lets say for instance that the cops dont get shot down and actually manage to land. What happens to the Orca when the rebels win the fight. Oh yeah it gets CHOPPED. Remind me again what happens when the cops win against the rebels. Their Orca either gets impounded or left there with over a 90% chance of it safely despawning with virtually no risk of losing it unless of course another heli crashes into it in which case the cops lose their heli in that scenario aswell.
  2. The whole reason the lethal payouts were reduced in the past was to lessen the incentive for police officers to lethal civilians because they felt they were being overused. While I feel that the current lethal rules are good the way they are in terms of when officers can automatically lethal such as unreachable locations, shooting from benches, 1 minute to restart etc... I do feel that there are many situations where lethal force is used when it should not. Misuse of lethals should be a more severe punishment and or the ability to vote for lethals should be only Sgt+ or alternatively only corporals voting when no Sgt+ is on the server. On the topic of civilians losing their loadouts when being lethaled, I find that entire argument complete nonsense. When you buy a loadout you are taking the risk that you will lose the loadout when you lose the fight. Once you get into a fight regardless of who you are fighting whether it be a civilan, bounty hunter, or police officer you losing the fight is the same outcome. You losing your loadout. The fact that you "got lethaled" by a cop has nothing to do with the fact that you are losing your loadout. Most of the time not only are you taking the risk of using the loadout you purchased but the civ is also purposely putting themselves in a situation where they are going to be engaged by police officers. For instance bank, fed, store robberies, attacking an hq, committing a prison break etc... Even if you get downed instead of lethaled, if the cops get you your still losing your loadout. If you end up getting lethaled solo with only a 5k bounty then you either put yourself into a position where the cop had no choice but to lethal you or the cop abused lethals. If the latter is the case then report the officer through the proper channels and it will be dealt with. The real issue is that many civilians are constantly putting themselves in positions that force or heavily encourage the police officers to lethal them with the sole purpose of having their bounty cleared. There are many ways to do this including but not limited to, fighting on bank roof, ATM roof, or unreachable at bank, shooting from benches on helicopters, turning yourself in or engaging cops with 1 minute to restart, firing from unreachable locations, shooting from houses, and towers such as solar towers by airHQ chop-shop. The cop payout for lethals has already been reduced to the point that you might as well not get paid at all. Mechanics are in place that allow rebels to commit any amount of crimes they want and easily get full pardons. Yes I am aware there are ways to catch some of these criminals without the use of lethals such as using helicopters to reach players on roofs or unreachable locations but these options require an orca which is very expensive and they most often dont work either due to incompetent officers or too many heavily armed rebels. The point being that lethals should not be a way out of your crimes. Like I said earlier the entire "oh but im already losing my loadout so I deserve a pardon" makes no logical sense. While I dont agree with the current revive system as it is and I certainly think it could be improved, it has been the same way for a long time and it isn't a huge problem. The most simple answer to this problem in my opinion is to simply remove both the payout and the pardon from lethaling a suspect. Changing some of the rules and punishments around the use of lethals could be beneficial but I have already mention how I feel about that earlier in this post. The solutions I do not agree with are making either reduced respawn or forced respawn as this is too harsh and too many people would lose their shit if this was the case. This solution removes the incentive for cops to use lethals as the cops get no payout for lethaling and it is in their best interest to capture the civilian so they can process them and get some money from the ticket thus meaning lethals would be used only when they are truly necessary. This also prevents abuse from rebels using lethals as a simple way to get out of all their charges. Yes there is no perfect solution and no matter what there are going to be scenarios where people abuse mechanics but overall this solution has the least amount of issues. If it stays the way it is people are going to continue to get free pardons from lethaling. I know someone is going to talk about robocopping and while yes true robocops do exist I find that the majority of police officers are going to give you a fair chance to explain yourself and give you an appropriate ticket. The main issue is most often not the officer but that civilians either suck as RP or disagree with the ticket they receive. But despite what you think, people have different opinions on how large your ticket should be based on roleplay. Sometimes you are going to have to pay a ticket or maybe even receive jail time. That is part of being a rebel and committing crimes. Oh and dont even get me started on how much parole is abused daily. Ill save that for another time.
  3. $90 a month for 250GB of data. Sadly its the best I can get.
  4. It would probably be for the best. I spend too much of my time on Asylum. Gotta spend some time playing other games.
  5. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147597&cm_re=960_pro-_-20-147-597-_-Product
  6. They added them to skip-tracer 10 hours before your post. They do listen sometimes.
  7. For me it depends. I wouldn't just pull someone out of a fully operational ground vehicle for instance. I would disable the wheels and have it driving slow first or at-least give them warning. In terms of helis if I have given sufficient time and they are on the ground then yeah ill pull them out.
  8. More video clips showing funny moments or times where things didn't turn out as expected. PS. I was once again DARED to upload this!
  9. Tell her to dress nice because your going to the Golden Arches restaurant. Then show up at McDonalds.
  10. Nice shot man. Not sure why they hovered the way they did. I was really looking forward to dropping in and seeing what happened as I was kidnapped in this heli on cop at the time. Here is the crash from my pov.
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