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  1. 1.5 mil for this shed lmk
  2. RonnyB

    Selling sheds

    1.8 for quarry shed lmk
  3. https://imgur.com/a/jlXmCY4 Will let go for right offer
  4. RonnyB


    https://www.reddit.com/r/astrophotography/ awesome for this and you will get lots of tips and answers to questions
  5. RonnyB


    its over dude... the whole thing is over
  6. woo yeah i was fucked up thats embarrassing dont even remember posting this haha
  7. FYI There are other paths to success: Kind qualities, for example, are consistently found to be as important in social partners, evident in human populations across the globe. Does it pay to be someone who tries to gain social power by creating a social world of fear and intimidation? Yes, it can But are there other routes to social success, such as building others up rather than tearing them down? Absolutely. Hey man... why don't you just tell us whats wrong? maybe we can help your micro dick ass?? poor guy lets help him
  8. Nobody wants BH in the server.. the only people who want it are 5k DMV campers just end it already
  9. RonnyB

    THANK YOU for V2

    I abused the fuck out of it and probably made so many people quit the game I abused the fuck out of it and probably made so many people quit the game I abused the fuck out of it and probably made so many people quit the game I abused the fuck out of it and probably made so many people quit the game I abused the fuck out of it and probably made so many people quit the game Take BH out.
  10. $500 dollars is an extremely slow day for me. Some people don't give a fuck about that kind of money; including me. Is there a problem with supporting the server and getting some cools skins for doing so? What the fuck do you care? If anything it gives the owners and devs more incentive to make the server better and popular.
  11. I have two things to say. 1) To all who were involved in V2, @Jesse and whoever else was involved in rewriting the mission file from the ground up, Thank you. Obviously you care about the community and I think you have done a wonderful job. The server feels extremely stable and it hasn't felt this smooth in the last 5+ years since I've been around. Thank you for the work you put in; it really shows and I am happy we have an owner like you. 2) Asylum has never felt this fun in the last 2 maybe 3 years. V2 helps a lot as there is no fear of d/c or bugging but I have to tell you guys not having Bounty Hunter in the game is awesome. You can walk around with a bounty now and not be scared of being downed from 200 feet away with no initiation anymore. Even with the population at 60/70% I am finding civs in every city hanging out. Athira is fun again.. civs are friendlier to each other and I have had more conversations with people in the last 3 days than I have probably had in the last 3 months because people aren't afraid to let their guard down and hang out and chill out in cities anymore. PLEASE remove BH completely. If people want to BH they can apply for cop.. its easy.. why do we need cops and BH? Also, most BH i talk to said they don't even bother with large bounties as they are uncatchable anyway.. BH sucks and it kills city life (which is important for new players.. which we need!). Nobody should have the ability to affect up to 1 hour of your gameplay and have the option of NOT roleplaying... TLDR; thank you for V2 it is amazing and the servers are 100x more healthy without Bounty Hunting.
  12. Has anyone brought up possibly merging the 2 servers until we are 120/120? Why aren't we doing this? Only reason I can think is that housing would have to be wiped.. is it that big of a deal? I don't see any reason to rather have 2 low populated servers than 1 high pop one
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