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  1. It's not going to be ammo for it.
  2. Accepted. You already have TS.
  3. Yes! I can't wait. FSA is back.
  4. could you add an option to that? so we can see what the community thinks about it.
  5. Would be better to remove qilins and prowlers, and its more enjoyable seeing ifrits in cartels rather then 10 qilins.
  6. You forgot to put in the mk18 in the weapon list.
  7. Leaders @K1NG, @tommy77771, @Zaka Members Boby, Latif, Issac, Jesus, Dennoz, Overload
  8. A gang that likes to fight cartels & cops Requirements - 1500+ hours on Arma 3 - Age: 17+ - Financially stable - Tactical communications - Knowledge Cartels, Bank, Prison and Federal Reserve Application Format In-game name: Age: Timezone/Location: Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Previous gangs:
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