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  1. I know the cartel system will be reworked soon enough but how would you feel if the old system returned with dirty money. Cartels seemed to have made way more money then than the current system (correct me if i'm wrong here). There was risk involved depositing the money which made up for how much you made. Would this make you fight cartels more often?
  2. I would like to thank the admins and developers that expressed their side in the controversial topic I made and it goes to show that I was proven wrong on the fact that the managers have lost interest in the server.
  3. @bamf Thank you for your response and sharing your side. It's really appreciated.
  4. @Mitch (IFRIT) @Clint Beastwood I want to thank you for your responses they were thought out and opened my eyes quite a lot about the back workings of the server. I posted this and these assumptions because I don't really know the back workings and I can't find someone who does. This was not meant for pure criticism I was writing this from a consumer perspective. Arma 3 is by no way gonna die I was only worried about Asylum because already my main server (server 2) is down and there is talk that server 3 will be too. Thank you for showing that you care.
  5. Everyone knows Asylum is slowly dying it's no debate there. As a community and a fan base, our duty is to figure out why it is. This is coming from an Asylum player who has 1300 hours on Asylum and has played and done everything. I never was big into the forums but I decided that we need to have a voice against the developers and admins who are ruining their server. This topic is almost 100% going to get locked or deleted so I question myself why even write this but as a gamer who's had some of the best moments gaming and met some of the coolest friends playing this server, I feel it's my duty. Corruption: This server is ran by cops. This has been said for years now that rebel life is dead, and its true even on server #1 It doesn't require much to have all cartels and keep them capped. The rules for cops it seems were written by people who have never played civ in their life. Not really fair at all to let cops keep coming over and over again and then have them process you after you've killed them so many times they will do everything in their power to ignore RP and make you pay as much as they can make you. Cops should NOT be allowed to come back 4+ times until they finally down you. I've experienced lieutenants increasing your ticket for no valid reason. Nothing happens if you report because it's such a close knit community in the higher ups. Another thing is how easy it is for cops to make up an excuse as to why they checked an illegal zone in under 5 minutes. Talking to cops can feel so degrading sometimes and makes me think that they are power hungry people preying on all who they come across. It seems like the only way to get out of a ticket now is to just kiss ass. Another form of corruption is here on the forums where you can't even give the server criticism without having your thread locked. This will be a perfect example. Developers Loss Of Interest: Developers are one of the biggest reasons as to why Asylum is rapidly dying. Their interest is probably into developing the standalone "Identity" game which is probably gonna be a flop due to long development time and lack of funding which is a topic for another time. Right now the server is ran by people who seem to have lost interest as well. They play cop 90% of the time and almost never throw admin events anymore. I remember the days where Asylum used to always have creative events being plugged in throughout the day on certain days and it would be a fun way to make money. Now it seems like it never happens. The most important thing Asylum needs are updates. Updates to the guidebook, the rules, and most importantly the servers. The servers haven't changed much for a few years now and when they are changed its things that don't help at all. Useless things like making red zones have a rotation. Hope?: This is a hard question to answer. It might have gone too far, the developers might have completely lost interest. Arma 3 is still definitely a thriving community and other RP servers are doing extremely well when compared to Asylum. Not everything the dev team does is bad for example, the community goals is a good idea but I believe it was made with the wrong intention. The community goals aren't even updated regularly which is pretty sad and makes me think it was just another ploy to generate more money. In my personal opinion, I believe the one thing they can do to fix this is to be more active which would require that they regain interest in their community.
  6. thanks for bringing back gang life
  7. Waited a year for old stuff just to be brought back? i.e. Asylum Exchange, Old prison, Tarus
  8. In-Game Name: Keen Age: 17 Estimated Asylum Time: https://gyazo.com/2c9b13f4d00bfc3c5b48250b23f8cd66 Bank Balance: 1.5 mil Have you ever been banned? No Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak? Yes Current and Past Gangs? Mayhem, One New Enemy, Titan What do you have to offer i.e. skills, etc.? Plenty of cartels experience. I know how to keep tac-coms and back my gang members up when they need help.
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