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  1. Apachee

    Apex Legends

    Anyone wanna que apex with me?
  2. Ill be on at 10 tonight and ill give u rank 1 but ts ran out i think so gonna need another one
  3. I have officially realised real life is much more enjoyable then this shitty game goodbye all
  4. Roster on main post is updated if there is anyone on there that shouldnt be let me know i went off teamspeak tags https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GGeR3IqW0dR5xa52XqCEhRLQRaNRephta-hNfTRvhCQ/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Will update roster when i get home but yes we are gonna be alot more active
  6. wondering if ill come back to a ban after my hand heals
  7. Accepted someone can send u ts or i can when i get home in 2 hours
  8. Smoke and drive by yung pinch and blackbear
  9. Reopening gang, open to anyone that wants to apply Roster will be updated soon We are willing to take on somewhat new players as long as your not annoying just understand this gang is gonna be mostly cartels so must be willing to learn cartels if you dont understand them already
  10. lol have i shit on you guys 1 to many times?
  11. According to nv ill be permed soon so i wouldnt worry about it
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