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  1. wondering if ill come back to a ban after my hand heals
  2. Smoke and drive by yung pinch and blackbear
  3. lol have i shit on you guys 1 to many times?
  4. According to nv ill be permed soon so i wouldnt worry about it
  5. @Clint Beastwood u dont have to moderate my post if they want to say something to me there more then welcome to
  6. well there is no black bars in this
  7. understandable maybe one day cartels will be fun again
  8. i suppose u are correct there is a lack of fights but i go to every active cartel i see so that doesnt apply to me. if you guys started fighting again that would at least make it so oblivion isnt the only gang fighting
  9. too bad fsa doesnt show up to cartels
  10. Thx Oblivion For The Fights
  11. Retard
  12. i mean its just a high fire rate katiba, katiba has 30 rounds as well
  13. higher fire rate just a fun gun to use
  14. Can we please get the type 115 added to cop/civ or both its just another orientation of a 6.5 If no please comment on why you think it shouldnt be added