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  1. Definitely understandable. I am still okay with and glad that the events still pop up from time to time. Just figured if the server could handle one or two more per session, we'd be willing to contribute. Give back to the lovely citizens of Asylum . If the updates come and you guys are down with letting us help out, let me/us know and we'll be glad to help out.
  2. As we've seen, some of the servers have seemed to have died down a little bit. Rarely meeting the 100 person cap. Is there any way that we can help contribute to creating a few more events throughout the day? Maybe this will help bring some numbers back up throughout the days? We'd be willing to donate some Arma cash as payouts for the event winner(s) if something like this is possible. We can meet up w/ the admin and transfer the cash or whatever makes it easier. This was just a random idea a couple of us wanted to throw out there to liven up the servers.
  3. KingBean $1,234,567.89 I need this small donation because i'm selfish. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. This will help get me my medicine as well as help keep all the vehicles full of fuel in the early $$ a.m. runs. P.S. Did I mention I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  4. Ah. Okay.
  5. Is this the one Asil had? Send Sparky a message. He's been wanting that thing for a while.
  6. And still downloading...
  7. *Praying for no more mem leaks* Thanks for helping out!
  8. I'm hardly in donor but I can see it being a better change.
  9. I usually just lurk but I like cars so here I am. Here's my rice rocket. Some of you guys have some real nice cars!