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  1. StormSoul


    @PFC Jake 2.0 Ya I don't know. I was kinda taking a liking to you. Gregory just scares me
  2. StormSoul


    Hello to you too fine sir! Are you interested in joining the 43RD MEU? We are a realistic milsim group that focuses on tac coms as well using tfar as well as the ace healing system within arma. We have a solid base player layer of 30-50 per ops and our ops are on sunday nights at 830 est
  3. StormSoul


    Anybody play any milsim when they aren't in the asylum world doing nothing
  4. StormSoul

    An old school hello

    I was being made an example of a sexual deviant example NAH MEAN
  5. StormSoul

    An old school hello

    What the....You became an admin...Well now I feel I have some special favors coming my way muhahaha
  6. StormSoul

    An old school hello

    For those that do know I am back and I'll be in cadet training the next week so be warned lol For those that don't me I am just an old school player that played here when Arma 3 first released and was a career cop a couple of years ago. Who is ready for the confessions of an officer page to come back?