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  1. ???? im confused.. wheres the content?
  2. Brahh.. I was a EMT on Olympus i could save your life IRL
  3. I can almost guarantee you it'll be against server rules to use any medic vehicle on a CIV slot.
  4. EMT Applications, You know I'll be applying.. For a while there I'd only play on Olympus just for medic. Do you still play? @BaDaBiNg_10-8
  5. In-Game Name- V3n0M! Age- 33 Arma Hours(Screenshot)- HOURS Banked Money- 20+ Mil Have you ever been Banned?- Yes.. Been a couple years since Current/Past Gangs- Peach Cartel, Dark horse, Team Berry, Velocity, Evil Corp, Instinct.. Probably forgetting 1-2 Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- Yes What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- Just looking to have some fun.. Doing a bit of everything with the homies
  6. Post the crash report. Might get better luck if we could see what is causing the issue.
  7. I should be working.. but Baseball, Facebook, Asylum, Coffee. Priorities!
  8. Shit.. My old ass is in for a Coffee mug..
  9. White listed Medic Execution will need to be removed, or make it so you'll need a skinning knife to Execute someone NVM, i already know medic is coming
  10. C'mon, everyone knows that kinda push needs to be on a wireless connection with QoS set to 1% Priority while downloading porn
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