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  1. Add me on steam , I will just give you my money http://steamcommunity.com/id/irayedi
  2. Well , I am sure they would do way more than just 10 mil xD.
  3. Around12,000$ for meth ingredients. After selling you will get around 50,000$ , so your profit will be like 38,000$ per run. this is an estimation with a carryall backpack Thanks. Will do ;3 Asylum is still sitting on the throne. Hopefully they will fix the performance issues
  4. Got permed xDDDDD you guys need to fix this
  5. ShortCut is simply a private group that provides resources and more time to it's clients to enjoy playing. I started this group to help the community and encourage them to roleplay more by doing the boring work so you can have more time to play for a really small fee for the resources gathering and you can just proccess whenever you want. Meth for example , if you have an offroad you need around 40 mins to do a run for 50.000$. With ShortCut help you can do it in 20 mins and you still can have 2 more runs in that hour. All you need to do is to place your order and enjoy your time ;3
  6. Joined the server , Hope this patch works out! Asylum is just the best.
  7. THANK YOU!!!!
  8. I feel you bud. Just make sure shadow play is working and get your comp from the support section here;3 .
  9. Nice shed man , GL
  10. 150k Houses are listed for 600k , 70k Houses listed for 300k ! GL!
  11. Comp Or Ban!
  12. Pictures Needed