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  1. Just remember not to mess with leady. If he uses lethals with no reason then its ok cz he just can
  2. this house is amazing , I say it worth more than just 6 digits
  3. Helloo I have and industrial shed for sale on server one , check the location http://prntscr.com/k0rbw3 let me hear the offers :3
  4. Hello :3 I have 3 houses on DP3 Syrta town. 2 of them can hold 3 crates and one can hold 2 crates. It is good for making scotch , meth , crank and weapon crafting. I am expecting large houses to be around 600k and the small one 300k but we can talk about them prices a bit more. I prefer to sell them all toghither since I am changing my ways of making money cz I dont have much time to play and they can be useful since I made alot of money out of them. here is a link for the locations. http://prntscr.com/jzqc0f Enjoy Playing
  5. thanks I missed that up xD. Updated
  6. Will buy huge amout. This is my steam irayedi.
  7. List them in Asylum Exchange for a reasonable price no more than 200 and they will be sold in a day or two! Enjoy Playing!
  8. Hello :3 I have these 2 houses for sale , I have no use for them right now since I keep changing my ways of making money but I think they can be useful for some one check the links and let me hear your offers. All Houses were SOLD Enjoy Playing Asylum :3
  9. Hello everyone ! As you see I am interested in buying iron ore cz I really dont have time to gather them due to my job and my travelings , however I will be paying really good for miners to list them in the exchange. I will be paying up to 100$ for each iron ore. You can keep the diamonds and earn more money ! If you are intersted in selling huge amounts I will be able to give you a better deal but only for huge amounts ;3 for now , enjoy playing at Asylum
  10. I am not looking for barley rn , but will contact you guys when I need them I am looking for New make scotch and some mining materials
  11. Hey everyone , I am looking for people who are interested in providing me with resources and items for a good deal since I dont have alot of time to play. Steam ID: irayedi
  12. I will buy loads of stuff , contact me on steam irayedi
  13. I will buy , Contact me on steam irayedi
  14. Updated.
  15. Athia 3 crater Athira Bounty Hunter 2 crater these houses left