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  1. hacker ejecting people during the time he prob got to you
  2. I don't recall that ever happening
  3. It's what do you expect. I mean just take a look at this dude @Biground
  4. He had to turn to counter momentum of going left or he would've side swiped into the ground. No matter what he did in that situation he would've died. Simply a series of unfortunate events.
  5. leroy.. leroy never changes
  6. @DS_Billy
  7. Dog shit
  8. Officers only
  9. @DS_Billy , this is an attempt to make himself feel better after what @Gnashes did to him the other day. @Luke SwagWalker @Biground < Not my orcas theirs
  10. O7 Normal Kavala ^ EDIT: Special thanks to @Cliff. for the hunter (Sorry it blew up), @Luke SwagWalker @DankBud @Crasher2003 for the contagious laughs, and @Akeelagi for donating his body to the cause
  11. congrats @Luke SwagWalker
  12. this is what I'll donate for
  13. hi whenever you become as skilled as I am with bikes you can talk
  14. +1 I like the idea of an infantry server, but not sure how it would work way strife is now I feel infantry based should be quick based with less points (KOTH). I do enjoy the arma vanilla feel on strife as is. However I feel 2 strife servers would separate the community more.
  15. it was a fair 50 50 until we pushed them into the last point and half the team left cause it was nothing but spawn killing,
  16. +1
  17. don't confuse me with Mason
  18. We found when a player disconnects his AI still stays in-game with his name, when someone takes the spot that the player disconnected in they take over that AI with his gear. I have video of this too, I locked masons AI in a car and have video of people logging in and their name changing the AIs they end up leaving and soon another joins locked in the car.
  19. I have plenty I didn't get to ron