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  1. can i have a mod to approve my gang listing 


  2. @Winterz Congrats approved @ MrTysonian congrats approved @Smeddy congrats approved @Benjie congrats approved
  3. @SMOKE322 YOU ARE approved
  4. @Viole Congrats you are approved discord information has been sent
  5. @pjaretz Congrats you have been approved discord info has been send
  6. Poppin Bottles Shorty Who we are? We are very professional and undeniable professional rebels with a cause Dark horse is in our sights at all times Mission Statement "Where Legends are made" Rank Structure Captain LT SGT Corporal Who is who? TOP SECRET! APPLICATION FORMAT
  7. Name in-game :=FaceRecka-USAF= Timezone :Eastern Hours(screenshot) https://i.gyazo.com/0ea530076c24017bdd4dfc4dfaafbafd.png Previous Gangs : Cash me outside Why should we accept you? : I am a team player good a good head on my shoulders good shooter and very good flyer I am looing to have fun ! Who can vouch : Master, Zacht , Bread
  8. Legends are made!
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