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  1. IGN: Eren Age: 15 Timezone: UTC +3 Arma Hours(screenshot): https://gyazo.com/17c2a8fb68abd8efa9fb6c19e0152298 How much money/Ifrits/Orcas do you have?: 600K, No Orcas, No Ifrits. Just got back into the game Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a big gang I can roll out with as I just got back in Previous gangs: KGB (OLD), FSM (OLD) Vouches: No one
  2. In-game name : Eren Hours on Arma 3 : 1350 Were you in any Past Gangs before this one? (Y/N) : Y any knowledge on cartels (Y/N) : Y what rank do you think you should be in? SQL TeamSpeak and working Mic? Yes Remember me bitch?
  3. InGame Name: Eren Arma Hours (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/b15cd17b30a7b68b2f0160e1d0e9cf60 Age: 14 Previous Gangs: KGB, FSM Balance: 677K Knowledge Of Cartels?: Yes What Can you bring to DS?: Really good combat skills, driving, and piloting Why do you want to join?: I want a active gang(You are active right?) Who can vouch for you?: No one Mature
  4. InGame Name: Eren Arma Hours (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/20d14804ca25065df1b830288e89a8b5 Asylum Hours: 800 estimate Age: 13 Previous Gangs: KGB and Asylum Sinners Balance: 895K (just bought a suicide vest to blow one of the gang members house) Knowledge Of Cartels?: I know everything What Can you bring to DS?: A decent driver, a good shot, and a good pilot. Why do you want to join?: So I can kill the KGB faggots Who can vouch for you?:No one lel
  5. In my opinion we aren't. We got a good amount of people online everyday. We just recruit through in game.
  6. Eren


    wait we comin
  7. InGame Name: ErenAwesome Arma Hours (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/ac1c1acae0a1928667f4d6c4f2e51b25 Age: 13 Previous Gangs: KGB, FSM, Asylum Sinners Balance: 600K Knowledge Of Cartels?: Yes What Can you bring to TSC?: Skils such as a good team player, pilot, good with a weapon, and semi-good in driving a vehicle Why do you want to join?: I want to join because I hate the KGB and I want to help kill them and also FSM ended (I think) and was looking for a gang to play with Who can vouch for you?: Bradley
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