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  1. They were bad admit it already. Couldnt even beat a kav rat gang.
  2. -Application- (If accepted, and interview will follow) In game name; Krause Hours in Arma 3 (screenshot): 1500 Age:20 Timezone: CST Previous Gangs: 101stAirborne, The Shadow Company, Disciples, Taliban Why do you want to join KGB?: why not Do you know anyone in KGB? If so who?: Alot
  3. Denied to young you can still hang with us if you want though we always have people come in and hang you don't have to be in the gang to have fun with us. I'm gonna send you the ts and I will give you an associate tag.
  4. Partially accepted I'm gonna give you the ts and the leaders will talk to you. I like how you said you would be on top of everyone else lol.
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