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  1. Congrats Bois! Remember TestDummy loves you!
  2. Hi I was wondering If I can get help on looking on the sight for the leader-boards. I've cleared my cache and I have account on public. Steam is linked. This is the image I'm given. Wondering if an admin of the page can check the error returns and see what the issue is?
  3. Hey, thanks for trying to help, but i cleared the cache and it's still showing up as such, does it have to do with steam settings I've made it all public and it still wont load???
  4. I'm getting this when I go to the site...
  5. In game name: [GUY]MrJ Age: 19 Location/Timezone: IL/CT Arma 3 hours(screenshot): https://gyazo.com/bbf550b80c7a19a4107838c0e93475f7 Asylum hours: Not sure Previous gangs: Islamic State, Pizza Party Asylum cash (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/18123e8f1f955349a7a839a200c93c54 Why do you want to join us? (2 sentences minimum): I want to join a community of people that want to work together and participate as a unit. I also want to be more active in the things I can do as a civ, and learn more about the online community. Do you know any current members who can vouch for you?: None, but I was recommended to sign up by KAZEM on another post.
  6. Application Format In-game name: [GUY]MrJ Age: 19 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): 972 https://gyazo.com/608736b17ef0b46078e0efb5dfce90b7 Previous gangs: Islamic State, Pizza Party Why would you like to join Prime: I've been looking for an active gang to play with and do things like rob the bank and being apart of a community How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week): 4-5
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