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  1. Retired so he could have more time for wow. @Mason o7
  2. Have a 3c inside if you're still interested
  3. Closest House to Distillery. Comes with ~600 scotch
  4. LF any of these pmo on details and prices. Willing to trade best scotch 3c.
  5. I have the closest scotch house that’s a 3 crater with ingreds. Pm me ur offer. (Has a sight of inside the distillery house And can snipe people that are inside).
  6. Maybe when the patch nerfing Farmersville comes out it will
  7. @Mitch (IFRIT)when new crates drop: buddy's paypal is gonna be looking nice by tomorrow
  8. Yeah but no ones gonna pay 190k for a rpg that can lightly dmg an orca lmao, that's equivalent to 2 vests.
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