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  1. cant buy smoke grenade or nvgs at rebel so loadouts with them dont work
  2. the only issue I've seen with this is when you cannot get to the crate due to a firefight in time is there any middle ground able to be made between infinite and 5 mins?
  3. @Gen. Henry ArnoldIs there anyway to make Rebel drops persistent so they don’t despawn before being able to be opened? Have had this happen a few times where I’m unable to interact while it’s locked due to fighting but then crate just vanishes around the 5 min mark.
  4. I haven’t seen any yet so either my luck is shit or it broke
  5. So that part about random loot drops after cartels was a lie then
  6. Can we make it a cop siren sound and just never announce the update? Just to scare tf outta people
  7. Does it hurt to put it out there more than once?
  8. Idk for me it’s easier I guess as in I have Meth Igredients house and meth cocktail house and then garage and a few fighting houses
  9. I get that but you can’t honestly tell me you haven’t accidentally spawned at the wrong house and had to wait 45 seconds to spawn somewhere else. Plus I mean idk what would fuck with the database and what wouldn’t but if it’s not a huge hassle or strain it would be cool
  10. Made it into the sidechat I’ll take that as a win
  11. It does zoom in but it takes a while and for us with shit computers it will not actually move until after you’ve spawned idk why that is but either way a new spawn menu would be a welcome change.
  12. It’s nice for people who own houses next to each other and can’t remember which one is 2 3 4 plus it would be a nice thing in my opinion plus it shouldn’t be hard to incorporate
  13. Seems stupid but thanks didn’t know that still think there should be something like that for the 50, minigun and lim jeep
  14. I think he’s reffering to sometimes more recently ifrits auto reload smokes when pulled from garage but doesn’t work more than half the time.
  15. Not always they still do occasionally pull out without smokes and you have to grab a vehicle reload
  16. Can we get a system under House menu in order to name the houses spawn locations so it is easier to distinguish them from a spawn menu?
  17. I think so too but if we take any rp into account any random garage wouldn’t sell ammo
  18. Most people that own a .50 cal off-road or a mini gun quillin have run into the problem of pulling it out without knowing if there is any ammo in it causes you to try and frantically drown or store it. Since now we have the ability to repair and refuel cars in our garage it would make sense to be able to refill ammo in these vehicles at rebel locations without needing to pull them out first. Would that be too overpowered or hard to implement? @Gen. Henry Arnold
  19. I have no issues with cop gear costing less as a concession to rebels having access to technicals and suicide vests and more 7.62s as @Samperino pointed out. But the gun is more exclusive than a .45 the lts have. At least the pistol bounty hunters can strip off them. The chance you have of a higher up actually rping and dropping gear is >0. And I’m basicly salty I can’t have one tbh.
  20. I just think it’s a neat gun that most people won’t have any access to on asylum. And the spar has less recoil slightly and has the ability to single fire while the lim can have a slower auto and an auto that is similar to the spar
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