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  1. Can you wipe my points?
  2. also keep in mind there is a log of us buying drones if it gets investigated and we are breaking rules we get the stick
  3. No one wants him tho
  4. If they wanted egotistical retards helping new players maybe you would have gotten support, the support team does help new players, I know you prefer to hide in your gangs discord where the only interaction you have with new players is waiting in your locked houses for passive mode to expire so you can rack up your bounty, but there a people new to the server who just need someone to help them through some of the backend stuff to get setup or guidance. I can personally say I've relied on some of these guys helping new players trying to become cops in making sure there discord and myasylums are setup correctly and how to properly navigate things. With how low server pop has been I'd say its more important that ever to have a good support team when we need each new player learning the server to have a good experience so they can continue to be apart of the community.
  5. curley

    Strider and Hunter

    while your at it make the hatchback bulletproof too
  6. curley

    Athira Redesign

    kern, zdeat has been appointed the suggestion lt now you can retire in peace stay outta here ❤️
  7. curley

    Athira Redesign

    replace owned building with non ownable buildings no balls
  8. curley

    Athira Redesign

    the jail already exists tho
  9. curley

    Athira Redesign

    goes both ways theyd stop your ass from leaving too lol
  10. curley

    Athira Redesign

    Its good but needs a 100ft wall around the perimeter of the town
  11. I think this could be turned into something similar to rebel airdrops that spawn sometimes after a cartel but instead if a successful bank happens there is a 25-50 percent chance the event spawns.
  12. Of course thats what i meant
  13. pretty sure the issue is it is a civ air shop not a rebel air shop so you cant buy rebel helis there might be because bounty hunter is also there
  14. i mean warlocks aren't real but signs someone may be thinking of committing violence on others irl is an issue and i don't think this community would want to be anywhere near an event like this especially since this event regardless of the dumb premise is even more braindead in practice. An event where you get 5k shoot a bunch of unarmed child size targets doesn't seem like any kind of rp any of us would be interested in and if you are maybe you should seek professional help.....
  15. hey man when we find out you took this shit too far irl and they put us on the news id rather we don't have a casual practice for mass shootings obviously I hope that's not where your mental state is and you are just joking but dude you cant be suggesting bullshit like this
  16. https://gyazo.com/e7213bfe5196f0ee5247250782030af9
  17. other than the rape thing which isn't allowed yes, simulating shooting up a school is a line that shouldn't be crossed.....
  18. would rather be gay than agree with this brainless idea
  19. this is the second dumbest idea ive seen today
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