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  1. i mean warlocks aren't real but signs someone may be thinking of committing violence on others irl is an issue and i don't think this community would want to be anywhere near an event like this especially since this event regardless of the dumb premise is even more braindead in practice. An event where you get 5k shoot a bunch of unarmed child size targets doesn't seem like any kind of rp any of us would be interested in and if you are maybe you should seek professional help.....
  2. hey man when we find out you took this shit too far irl and they put us on the news id rather we don't have a casual practice for mass shootings obviously I hope that's not where your mental state is and you are just joking but dude you cant be suggesting bullshit like this
  3. https://gyazo.com/e7213bfe5196f0ee5247250782030af9
  4. other than the rape thing which isn't allowed yes, simulating shooting up a school is a line that shouldn't be crossed.....
  5. would rather be gay than agree with this brainless idea
  6. this is the second dumbest idea ive seen today
  7. THANKS MAN i just glad no one lived in the way or anything
  8. yes IF we catch everyone involved we get a payout IF none are lethaled by gangmates or cops or kill themselves then we get a fair payout from it but this being a cop started one there has to be incentive for us to willingly be involved in a fed
  9. Keep in mind as cops when we win a mental 10 bars is like 40k max spread between us just tryin to get us some money
  10. Where would the event take place? Bank--->Fed Reserve What is the goal for the APD in this event? Deliver a "Bank deposit to the Fed Reserve" , Cops would start at the bank building and transport/escort a large truck with 300k banded bank notes inside to the Federal reserve to store the cash. Similar to shipping there could be a delay when initiated and/or a time it has to be secured at the Fed Reserve. What should the payout be? 300k split between cops, 300k bank notes if civs steal it Would there be any specific rules for the event? A certain number of cops online Ex. (10) all would have to be present to start the event (maybe at least 1 SGT+), as well as a determined min civ pop as well to start A tracker similar to shipping should mark the event vehicle
  11. not even including voice initiation that is the primary form for at least 1 faction
  12. curley


    If they added unarmed ghost hawks id bet good money a large amount of people would buy it even at 500k
  13. curley

    qol apd stuff

    You would still have an opportunity to save them but this would allow for us to have a slightly better shot if lets say we grab a 150k bounty at bank the rebels would have to figure out if we go prison or pygros without getting callouts from the restrained guy. checkpoints are a pain to setup and teardown just a quality of life thing that could allow checkpoints to be done since they are pretty much useless rn seeing as no one runs checkpoints due to the inherent issues of seizing or sending to jail or set up/ tear down this would be a nice addition its still a fixed location that would be easily avoidable by civs due to location
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