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  1. cant buy smoke grenade or nvgs at rebel so loadouts with them dont work
  2. the only issue I've seen with this is when you cannot get to the crate due to a firefight in time is there any middle ground able to be made between infinite and 5 mins?
  3. @Gen. Henry ArnoldIs there anyway to make Rebel drops persistent so they don’t despawn before being able to be opened? Have had this happen a few times where I’m unable to interact while it’s locked due to fighting but then crate just vanishes around the 5 min mark.
  4. I haven’t seen any yet so either my luck is shit or it broke
  5. So that part about random loot drops after cartels was a lie then
  6. Can we make it a cop siren sound and just never announce the update? Just to scare tf outta people
  7. Does it hurt to put it out there more than once?
  8. Idk for me it’s easier I guess as in I have Meth Igredients house and meth cocktail house and then garage and a few fighting houses
  9. I get that but you can’t honestly tell me you haven’t accidentally spawned at the wrong house and had to wait 45 seconds to spawn somewhere else. Plus I mean idk what would fuck with the database and what wouldn’t but if it’s not a huge hassle or strain it would be cool
  10. Made it into the sidechat I’ll take that as a win
  11. It does zoom in but it takes a while and for us with shit computers it will not actually move until after you’ve spawned idk why that is but either way a new spawn menu would be a welcome change.
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