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    Enriched Uranium

    +1 The only negative i can see from this is using a VR entity suit, seeing they are typically only used by Admins and not only just in our server. Im worried they can easily be mistaken by a new player or even a older player coming back as a admin and possibly be abused. Other then that im loving it.
  2. Ken

    Purification Factory

    ^ what chow said. Having puri diddnt take anything away. It added a extra step on top of what there already was to make even more money if you choose to do it. The only thing that was changed by puri rather then adding a extra step on is Scotch
  3. first LOL the last kill.... Lit video but -1 for song choice.
  4. Yeah i want this shit to be like MySpace profiles
  5. I like pretty much all of these except for the cop lethal part and the jewelry store at African. I camped African the other day and 3 random people came to sell their stuff there, so it is for sure still used. Maybe it can be relocated to the other side of the bay where the boat shop is. Only down side i see to that is that there is a ATM rite there so they could sell and turn around and run to the ATM and store their money (which i dont think is the end of the world if that were the case).
  6. +1, needs to be brighter. It was added due to request because its cancer to fight at night with the muzzle flash and things like that with nvg's on. Now its almost in a worse spot, there are still times when you need nvg's because it is still not bright enough and it makes the muzzle flash even worse.
  7. Banned for VDM'ing poor Peter
  8. This was not a player report, this was something that i saw in game. Even though i have no requirement to provide any evidence, i provided it to your friend in discord when he was crying that i was abusing my powers.
  9. Its shocking that your friend brakes the rules and somehow I am the abusive one.
  10. Ken

    Drug Transport

    Like this idea. Only issues I can think of off the bat is it would suck if the cops started one of these and then civs were able to start a federal event making it so the cops would have to abandon this and go to the event. That and having a minimum of like 50 civs online to do it would be needed to increase the likelihood of civs showing up to contest it. I think the only thing that has really prevented cop started events is the fact that the APD has a requirement to show up to federal events, but the civs have no requirement to show up to a cop started event.
  11. Ken

    Changelog March

    Big patch sheeesh
  12. Our work here is done. As for my infidel of a wife, we will be stoning her in the middle of the village tomorrow. You are all invited to take part.
  13. Yooooo map icons for houses you have keys to and Honey made it in?! W
  14. Ken

    Changelog October

    Helllll yeah, time to blow all my money.
  15. I already miss Mr. Fun Detected @Ronald, I feel that you truly were good for the community. But dont think this is going to keep me out of your DM's, im still going to be pestering you. Congratz @Witz! We appreciate not only your time, but all the developers that donate their time to bring us new content and help keep this community running.
  16. Someone I know once said... "What the hell..."
  17. I agree with and have stated before i think police should have the ability to seize "claim" a vehicle if it has been used again the APD and they of the rank to have that vehicle. I dont think it should be a simple seize on the spot thing though, maybe have a shop the cops have to take it to to claim it.
  18. Content, QOL, new gear/items. great patch, thanks guys!
  19. Ken

    Rogue's retirement

    Your ass has been trying to escape us since I got Captain, finally found freedom. o7
  20. I dont think it would really matter weather the officers were downing or lethaling, the objective would be to move forward and get the stuff to the destination rather then stopping to restrain and process people
  21. Dont know why, its pretty much just a reverse chop shop event =/
  22. Not that im aware of, they must have ran into some bounty hunters
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