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  1. U might be one of the dumbest ppl on earth
  2. Definitely not watching that. You can describe if you want I might read that
  3. How many players on asylum like 11 right now?
  4. Correct. And now, it’s asylum 2024 with 35 players ahahaha youre braindead fot example last night every cadet was given an mk1 by the higher ups….on top of the ducking ifrits dropping spike strips from their rear it’s just insanely bad.
  5. When I get shot in my arm I just insta-die I swear lmao
  6. Cops aren’t supposed to be a fair fight wtf is this always brought up for lmfao The votes are public too you can see who voted what and it’ll basically be all career cops voting no. Just a side note
  7. Simple topic. Give a week notice and allow cops to sell them from their garage for full price. It’s annoying and breaks the playing field.
  8. Straight headshot but tanks it like a MFer….is this game just this bad? https://medal.tv/games/arma-3/clips/205mbPxA_THzl7/NRZkSrZy8HHT?invite=cr-MSx3akQsMjIxNDU0NjIwLA
  9. It has to happen if there will be ANY new players joining the server. If it doesn’t happen basically the server will continue to slowly drop as it has been. Non-negotiable
  10. So far he’s been the most reasonable and helpful admin/senior officer I’ve encountered
  11. Do ppl actually listen to Juice “OD’d” World????
  12. Please don’t call me dude I’m female so I will be reporting,
  13. There could be smaller cartels that give like a third of what the main cartel it’s based on is worth. BUT. Can only be captured or held if you have 4 or less people in your group, and if you get more into your group it’ll alert saying some must leave or you’ll lose ownership. the idea is to stop large gangs from having complete control while the player count is so low, and new smaller groups can actually feel useful
  14. That’s what I just literally said….
  15. Money making should be tripled at this point until the player count is over 90 regularly lol
  16. You must be low IQ or blatantly and willfully ignorant ….damn that’s pathetic
  17. Exactly his point.
  18. Im not sure how calling me Chinese is supposed to be insulting. Am I maybe missing something
  19. What rank is your admin carry pacifist? @OB1after your ban you could apply here! They do paychecks!!
  20. Funny part is the first 2 kills/clip are absolutely embarrassing for you….I quit watching after them like…..wtf
  21. Start addressing stuff in the previous thread by Mitch in the meantime? 🙂
  22. It’s definitely not omfg ahahaha
  23. Because when autism rogers is on he pulls an iFrit per cop so they all get one ahahahha and again the downing script downs you in 1 shot to the arm lovely
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