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  1. I love you Ebola, you 6'3, semi fit, sex God! ♡
  2. Stay safe Goku! Thank you for your service as well!
  3. Accepted for interview. Will PM ts info.
  4. This is highly offensive. He is a lightweight, I can drink him under the table. I am Drunk Squads drunkest! Dev admitted it himself.
  5. Oh man, I am so sorry! Full disclosure I was hammered when I started commenting on this, I vaguely rememebr saying that. Sorry I'll talk to the guys.
  6. Discussing among the leaders. TBA.
  7. A lot of people have picked a server and made that one home, so they enjoy playing with the people on that server; be that interacting through cop or civ. I love the server 4 crowd, I've been there like a year and a half to two years, given the chance I will almost always pick civ and rebel time to be spent there. Like others have said, once you start implementing more and more restrictive rules on people's game play, you scare them off. At the end of the day this is a video game, we are all here to have fun, asylum isnt about dictating everyone's style of play, it let's everyone, within reason, make altis into whatever makes them happy.
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