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  1. not unless @Innate beats you too it
  2. Money has been added to the gangs. We can not add vehicles to gang garages so they were added to the Leaders garage to move to their gang garage
  3. Its really bothering me that the d in him name is lowercase
  4. I didn't agree to this?
  5. For you and you only, when you arrest someone, you have to serve the jail time with them
  6. thoughts on this? you get 150% of the bounty turn in, so what if that 50% came from the bounty you are arresting. Forces them to pay for their crimes Edit: I can see a problem with people who dont have the money to pay their ticket so we could come up with a resolution. Maybe increase jail timer without being able to lower it or start at 45 minutes and have to press plates longer
  7. double what he just offered is what i paid
  8. Thats less than what i paid, no thanks
  9. What would be your offer? would have to be very high for me to sell it.
  10. some lockpicks, redgulls. think a few admin gifts and some guns. id have to check later
  11. Should have heard him join mine and Akulas channel asking for help. At the end Akula found it lol
  12. selling athira drug dealer house 1c with max physical and virtual storage. Current bid is 3.5 mil. Sale ends Saturday night EST https://gyazo.com/4621c3c7f675f2a0482cc291df9ef4aa
  13. Added to RDM: Suicide Vests: Suicide vests no longer require initiation to detonate in crowded areas or to save a captured gang member. If seen wearing a suicide vest you may be shot on sight by any player without initiation. Added to Housing: Players who are logging in with the sole purpose of keeping houses without actually playing, risk their homes being removed with a warning. Accounts will be reviewed by Senior Admins to determine if the player is playing the bare minimum to maintain properties. ( After 2 months of low activity you will be contacted ) Added to Exploiting: Using Advanced Flight Model to fast spool a helicopter, regardless of the situation will be considered an exploit. Shooting the back of Quilins to cause them to explode Property Protection: Attempting to destroy/steal a player's property/vehicle opens you/your group up to one way initiation with the opposing group. Attempting to destroy a player owned home only grants the homeowner one way initiation with you and your group - This does not apply to group/gang members houses or houses you have keys to. The gang spawn building is excluded and all gang members are able to protect this property. Groups Guessing a groups password to join and betray them is not against server rules. Your group should be more secure. (Not an update just a clarification)
  14. Could put 2 tabs where one tracks deposits/withdrawals and one tracks the cartel deposits only i guess. Outside my pay grade though
  15. Mayhem


    The amount of times my rights were violated are too damn high, searching me without probably cause. So what i had 1 of every drug on me.
  16. A "Member" role has been created in teamspeak. Players will need to provide Valid PIDs to be reviewed by admins to be given the role for obvious reasons. We dont want another incident like last time.
  17. We can discuss about possibly adding a ts role for non APD/AFD whitelisted players, but it would only be given to long term players after a verification process if we went that way
  18. I always liked that if taxes exceeded lets say 5% that some of it would go into the lottery
  19. Mayhem

    Governor Pardons

    this use to be a thing i believe, should be brought back. back then it was bugged though where if you tried pardoning in restraints it wouldnt let you but then it counted as your pardon
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