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  1. Approaching the final 3 days, I'd thought I would make things a bit interesting. After tonight I will not be posting the results so you won't know if you are ahead or behind. This means tonight will be the last night you will see the standings and how much ahead or behind you are. I will edit this post to include the results of tonight only. Good luck! Also, we will be awarding a 2nd and 3rd place prize for the participation. Last Update: 3/27/23 at 11:59 pm EST
  2. I like your suggestion, with the maximum amount you can list a house for being 5 million. Is that also the highest offer that you can make or should the offer system allow you to offer more as long as you have the funds?
  3. Updated: 3/25/23 at 11:36 pm EST I have been busy recently but will continuously try and update the results. Once again if you feel your gangs money has not been counted properly PM my discord Mayhem#3439 and I will review it with you whenever I have free time.
  4. Apologies for not posting results last night, after staying up past midnight to get results then waking up 4 hours later for work I needed some rest lol Here were the results as of LAST NIGHT. This will be updated later tonight as well when I do those results so don't be worried if it doesnt match what you are tracking yourselves Updated: 3/21/23 at 11:51 pm EST
  5. Been checking solo all week man
  6. Mayhem

    De-spawn timer

    Its good for starting money to obtain some more vehicles. Is it possible to add an "anchor" option to extend the despawn timer for boats/subs
  7. Mayhem

    De-spawn timer

    Not worth ur time for money making, could make more money with an upgraded hatchback sport of coke or heroin
  8. Theres nothing stopping you from role playing as one of those positions but it wouldnt be worth adding in those roles
  9. my suggestions: Panagia: Slightly increases amount of infamy when crafting items Rodo: Add more drugs for it to gather more of Zaros: When chopping a vehicle it checks for upgrades and will provide 50% of the money from whatever upgrades were on that vehicle. i.e +100 vehicle storage is 10k you receive an extra 5k
  10. I dont see this ever being a thing as it drastically reduces risk. I think its fine the way it is. The only changes I would like to see for processing is if you completed a certain seasonal question, upon processing you can either do one of the following 1) Have a % chance of receiving some of the upgraded product during the processing. Example: you process 16 meth cocktail and you receive 10 crystal meth and 3 heisenberg 2) unlock the ability to double process at the normal processors since you completed a seasonal quest(which would require some work to do)
  11. This should be correct, If anything we will be double checking. I was the only one available to verify some logs tonight. The values of Profit are from Cartel Event, Cartels besides Oil, and Fed Events. If you feel your funds were not counted properly or tracked PM my discord Mayhem#3439 and I will respond when I have time to review it with you. Updated: 3/17/23 at 11:55 PM EST (Once again hoping its accurate lol, if you have questions PM my discord regarding your placement or value made. Mayhem#3439
  12. Not sure, thats up to the devs. A lot of us are working during the day and update the deposits on a spreadsheet i made. I can post a leaderboard on here for you with an estimated profit for the day
  13. Good luck to those who joined for the event. I created a spreadsheet to help keep track of the incoming money from cartels/events. If you want your money to count it has to be deposited and then reviewed If you rob a fed for 1.5 million it must be deposited before its split. after you deposit it, you can withdraw it then divide it if you wish. We are going to do our best keeping track of the funds as its the first time we have ever done this. I will try and update a ranking system with possible placements to see who is ahead and behind. UPDATE: The oil Cartel will be the only cartel that does not count for the event. If you withdraw the rubber and sell it, just like a regular deposit, it will not count.
  14. Mayhem


    ^ i like the idea and I think it should notify the person that they are being searched
  15. Would be nice if it was a mod that can be added on, would also be nice if when a vehicle was chopped you got half the money for the mods someone installed as well
  16. We all know the 12 redgull requirement is so when they die, Leroy can pick them up and resell them for profit
  17. i miss the days when processing plates only reduced your bail amount instead of time.
  18. i like the idea but like ronald and obi said, change the rewards and would be a good idea
  19. Please do not edit your posts, if you wish to change your bid you must make a new post. You have changed it several times already and lowered it from 15 mil to 7 mil This goes for others as well. Do not edit your posts please @P.FitzWallace
  20. Mayhem

    Maximum Prison

    When i got sent to prison on a gta rp server i literally just went afk for hours because that long of a prison sentence just ruins the gameplay. Especially locking players to jail time for that long period of time would not be good or fun for anyone
  21. Barley is illegal and theres several locations to gather it at.
  22. Mitch has to do some of those stupid tik tok dances now with his tractors behind him
  23. Change the talent points for Cops, Civs dont need talents to revive, neither should cops. Change the talents so it just lets them revive slightly faster?
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