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  1. Kavala will never be the same...
  2. $60 is way over priced for that it is.
  3. because someone would totally pay for a 200 gbps attack on asylum.... Forever with the Excuses
  4. Warrant slot needs something it is quite expensive in prestige
  5. Simple Un Fuck Server 4 Migrate to a new box or reduce the pop to 75...
  6. Would be a good addition to the APD garage. Make it a Corp+ or even UC only
  7. Name calling best way to win a discussion
  8. just mad you cant AFK in cartels now lol
  9. Rebels crying about cartels being dead rebels crying about cartels getting active now lol
  10. SWolf

    Change log 8.0.7

    New server hamsters and hired a old drunk hobo to feed them once a week...
  11. Ya let’s put up parking spots and to save time 30seconds after you exit the car it explodes
  12. SWolf

    Change log 8.0.5

    How about we get a new server host swift node is a crap provider
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