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  1. In game name: Tank Engine Age:18 in 2 days so 17 right now Location/Timezone: GMT+1 Arma 3 hours(screenshot): https://gyazo.com/87065691429698c900793ff5b9cf4a7b Asylum hours: No idea, I'd say about 600-700 Previous gangs: FarmersVille and Requiem Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: Yes Why do you want to join us?: I'm looking for people to roll around and have fun with. I also want to join because this seems to be a great gang that does more stuff than cartel fighting. What can you bring to the FSA?:I can bring you power from the Islamic State of Sweden to crush the infidel! Do you know any current members who can vouch for you:? I dont think so
  2. Would be nice with the old dirtymoney system instead
  3. n-Game Name: Tiny Cox Age: 16 Arma 3 Hours (screen shot): https://gyazo.com/fff1228f6e0edd14dc49299e9cbd3529 Bank Balance: 130K Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak/Discord? I do Current and Past Gangs? I have been in Hotel Tropical If in a current gang, why are you looking to leave? Im looking for a gang thats active when im online which my gang isnt now Why do you want to join our gang? I want to join because I started playing a week ago and I want a good gang to hang out with Do you know any members that can vouch for you? I dont know any members
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