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  1. Congrats! Should have made another bet with me
  2. BF has a minecraft server, its modded tho. FTB Revelations + Mekanism, welcome to join as well as others.
  3. College student majoring in Computer Science, working at Walmart, freelance software developer.
  4. I would personally say they shouldn't be used like that and just have them against the wall normally.
  5. Try reseating your ram, which you basically take it out and put it back in. What exactly happened/is continuing to happen? You can pm me or msg me on discord.
  6. WolfLeader

    Website Help

    If your running it for purchasing items, I would say you should get an SSL certificate. It could also help boost rankings in search engines. Definitely utilize your space like Clint is saying. I have my own personal/business website and one I manage for my client. If you would like any help/more tips feel free to pm me :3 Keep up the good work!
  7. Maybe that's the secret .....Gonna miss ya bud, thank you for all the good stories! Hope everything goes well!
  8. Breaking news: I actually got on civ for once for a few minutes As a SGT who isn't the best pilot... I tend to lose a good number of orcas. This is for my orca savings fund XD
  9. I just bought them recently because someone said they were listed as marked price.... so I just went and bought them and here we are Not sure if they are worth more or less, but the price will stick because from what I know/been told a mil is fair price for each.
  10. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House/House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 220k/220k Location (Town/DP#): Athira/DP7 Asking Price: $1 Million each (Houses are on market, just buy them if you want them. First to buy gets them.) Description: Great 3 crate houses in Athira. Good for your coke, scotch, or having store materials for robbing the fed. If your running from the cops, you could just run from run house into the other. You can store your materials safely behind the house where no one can see you thanks to the bushes, and your next to both houses for easy loading/unloading of any materials. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  11. If your getting another cpu, make sure its compatible with the rest of your parts and the socket to your motherboard. I would personally say Intel.
  12. Something that might be worth looking into is jackets. You have the hoodies, the shirts, the hats, but no jackets. Not that much into merch, but I like this shirt:
  13. WolfLeader

    Been Fun

    It was nice playing with you when I seen ya, gonna miss you!
  14. Should have shot as I unrestrained XD .....won't make that mistake again even when im tired lol
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