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    o7 The best underage DS member
  2. 谢谢兄弟 爱你哦
  3. I usually start with 你好 first, I don't know u can do that or not.
  4. I just hide that comment, it makes my eye hurt
  5. it says " YuSheng US Server Arma3, no recoil, crosshair not moving, hack cheat proof" This is his msg
  6. one of them think I am hacking now, and send me this video, they cut my video in 2:16 lol
  7. YuSheng

    Chinese players

    我是YuSheng, 是Asylum服务器的中文支持团队,如果需要任何帮助请找我。微信: chenyvsheng, Discord: YuShengChen# 2860. 你可以在论坛发一个支持帖子 https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/ 给管理员们说明情况
  8. Video is 4K but worst than 360p
  9. As a Chinese player, to the current situation of Asylum, I think we should not delete reward, we should open Medic, add infamy point, bring back random cocaine and heroin area, more civ clothes. There is a lot of servers in China, the reason why we play on Asylum because Chinese RP servers have bad RP, can not afford a good server for it, and admins are really bad too. that's why we play Asylum. But Asylum is hurting player's money in-game (closed Server 2 and 3, I lost over 10 million in-game, I believe there are more players like me), not add RP experience, that's only one reason of server going down.
  10. The FOV race gonna be the new Cold War
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