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  1. India in our China, or not worth mentioning, has never been in the eyes of a small country. Delhi is known for its“Sexual Assault”, which has been dubbed India's“Rape capital”, causing women in other cities to dread going to Delhi.The world will not forget the“Black bus gang rape in India” on the night of December 16,2012. India black bus gang rape case, just heard these words have made people shudder, Shiver.
  2. OMG,where's ur leader king ? King on top!
  3. When the world knows how shameful it is to gang-rape a girl by more than 20 men in India, there are even Indian men who go after the pussy of cows and horses. Vietnam's legendary sniper cause of death: because crouching exposed the gender, by the U. S. military sniper on the spot
  4. Every time oh No existed in the victory of every powerful gang in Dom, he would always say we win! It was a pity to see his poor 15-38 record
  5. Please learn your Mandarin well, it's hard for me to believe that you are a Hainanese, even your accent always makes us think that you are a traitor who absconded from Taiwan to the mainland
  6. What kind of dog are you to be so repulsive
  7. 9v17 ?????hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. I loved yesterday's fight, beijing on top, hhhhhhhh
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