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  1. https://gyazo.com/bd0b506b11cdbaa002a98dff5a3f509b Outside View https://gyazo.com/1b9d77eb3b5125ddbf0400ead8d94bc3 (Map View) offers
  3. AlanMax14


    I want to buy a shed Put your listings below
  4. Add cotton of some kind of fabric we have to collect and we can combine that with iron and use it to craft carrier lites.
  5. Making money making even harder, nice
  6. A new cartel possibly? The north west corner of the map is really empty except for Spirit, could you guys put a new field or a new mine up there because it's completely empty.
  7. -Application- (If accepted, and interview will follow) In game name; AlanMax14 Age: 16 will be turning 17 in July Previous Gangs: Boys n the Hood, and some others Why do I want to join the KGB?: I want to join the KGB because I am real russian, born and raised. I speak russian, and I know the culture. KGB is an Asylum powerhouse and I want to use my expierience to help the gang. I have over 3900 hours on the game and over 1000 of those hours are flying. I have 1500 hours in PVP servers including KOTH and others. Do I know anyone in KGB?: Unfortanately I have
  8. Name: AlanMax14 Age:15 Timezone: Eastern Hours: 2533 Reason for why I should be accepted: I know how the server works, I know how to make money, I have thousands of hours on arma, and I can fly helicopters very well, and I can fly fixed-wing aircraft very well. Previous Gangs: Superior
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