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  1. denied, go join a medic gang fo, you're shite in every way possible...
  2. hi i'm trisix I'm 20 and i'm addicted to cocaine i have played asylum for about 3k hours cuz i'm metally unstable so i can't go outside i do a pretty good anime impression got like 60 mil in my bank acc ( ask panfried ) i don't really fk with gangs i've been in like some decent gangs in the past than joined pk became leader so that's pretty cool reason i should get accepted: i scammed fox and payed him 375k for a 3 crater in kav ( he's still mad about that ) none of you can vouch for me because i'm on the same level as dave mentally bout to go to bed i
  3. Trisix


    more than anyone here hmu
  4. they are shit ngl sell em to market i'll buy the inventory tho
  5. you said you only accept offers on the forms make up your damn mind
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