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  1. yeah i was disappointed.
  2. waste my money? im sorry i got a few bucks to waste to try a game xD wasted my money more on games like scum which were aptly named. lmao .. i think youre the stupid one for having such hostility towards a game you dont plan on playing! lmao stay salty there boy
  3. terry

    Change log 8.2.2

    nerf? lmao my gang is 20+ strong of bounty hunters. we take on cartels and rebel shops for our bounties. now go try and get a 200k bounty from cartel, record and show me . let me know how you do stacked up against rpgs, 7.62, 50 cal vehics , sui vests etc... and u say we need a nerf? looks like rebel is OP compared. not to mention most noobs grab vests to abuse in towns on civs. but yet yes we need a nerf.... lmao. stupid apd and their useless opinions. go robo cop some more and change ur name. thats my shit bitch. 5 posts to forum and thinks he has any say... sad. p.s reply if you want but i dont usually read forums much :()
  4. and you all understand ... what u want in asylum servers, can be done in identity. half of you have never touched any kind of code in your life and then rag on this for taking so long xD ... anyways theres infinite possibility now with asylum as long as they get a solid team working on this, it could be the game weve all been looking for . an actual life GAME. not a server on arma or gta or gmod etc... an actual stand alone game. i personally cannot wait until tonight, ill be one of the first to log on you can bet your pocket lint on that!
  5. anyone know price? id love to support em and play!
  6. i dont think anyone knows who he is. and instead of the horrible quality picture with names u cant read.... stick to the listing of them
  7. i love when i dont know people but they salty with my name in their mouth <3 +1 , ill gladly take #1 on the hall of shame on a dying server about 200 people play... lmao... if anyone lets anything here affect their mood, you must have some real problems irl
  8. jesus..nice resolution on ur potato set up
  9. terry

    The Second Coming

    i honestly doubt anyone cares besides fsa.
  10. lets get some furniture added! maybe a donation perk? like a dresser for clothing , gun racks for weapons? just a couple small ideas, because the items are already in the game, wouldnt be too hard to whip something together! just an idea to spice up houses... they seem so bland! would be nice to get more interaction with houses! reason to chill in your new trap house! lmao
  11. +1 server 3 is dead. give everyone a week notice to sell their shit, and remove it! put the resources into server 1 and 2!
  12. @Gen. Henry Arnold see what i mean? mod q this kid. he just comments on anything i post. he hops on my instagram, to make fun of my unborn child xD no problem.. but see what i mean? kids obsessed with me .... borderline sexual harassment xD i love how on the forums ur a troll, in game when ur on cop ur liek sucking my dick xD go jerk offf to my instagram more, we all know you love me man
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