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  1. coming out of the woodwork to wish you all a congratulation. just one.
  2. still lookin to get my own title on gang wars
  3. thats why Australian hackers are harder to detect
  4. you're real toxic these days. do you need counseling?
  5. maybe the odds are in my favor
  6. I sent it to you, it's only fair if you return the favor.
  7. congrats @Leady - even though you gave me my only blacklist. I think you're an okay guy.
  8. Amazing step guys. I hope it all works out!
  9. Smee should be promoted to the head of transportation on Altis for this. Just as a 'we're sorry' from the government.
  10. Pwnsome

    Change log 8.2.3

    absolutely what Asylum needed to stay afloat. i applaud you all
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