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  1. ill give you 950k since you cant spawn anymore
  2. How come I kill 1 person gain 1 rating and die and losing 30 rating? I think it should be 1 - 1
  3. And also make in 35 secs to 2 mins
  4. Lol nobody really role plays
  5. Even though it was just removed, why shouldn't medics be allowed at federal events? They are the places we either make the most money or just get gunned down by rebels. There is no use in restricting them.
  6. DAK

    Heroin house Cheap

    Thats not worth 200k
  7. Look for them on market not a Home Improvement
  8. there are many on market
  9. Didnt you buy this from Jig?
  10. DAK

    Selling two Sheds!

    make it 5 mil and you got a deal
  11. DAK

    Buying sheds

    Its the same one...
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