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  1. Can we still buy the 9mm Suppressor
  2. My shed is better
  3. DAK

    Meth Shed

    A dude who wants my shed
  4. 1.5 m ? ill give you 400k
  5. DAK

    wtb a shed

    Go offer on the post but above 5 mil I already have an offer there
  6. DAK

    wtb a shed

    none but its on the East side of the map
  7. DAK

    wtb a shed

    I got a Meth Shed for sale and one near rebel
  8. DAK

    Meth Shed

    Yeah thats why I said soon @wOnkY
  9. DAK

    Sofia Houses

    I got 2 houses up in Sofia one has RPG's Zafirs and a bunch of other guns and the other also has Zafirs and other guns but without the RPG's 2 crater (no RPG's) 600k - Zafirs, Mk1's Mk18 etc ----- 400k 3 crater -Rpg's Zafirs Mk's etc ---This house is also placed directly next to the gas station -- 900k will post picks soon Fully Upgraded
  10. DAK

    Chop Shop House

    I got a house near chop shop filled to the brim with vehicle production materials its a 3 crater and about 1.6 km from chop shop ----- 350k will post pick soon Fully Upgraded
  11. DAK

    Meth Shed

    Got a shed between uranium field and pro and 2.7 km away from meth lab its stocked with guns ammo and other materials The least I will take is 5 mil will post picture soon Fully upgraded and had meth cocktail Also comes with 500 meth cocktail SOLD!
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