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  1. its very different from a fresh server, at this point it would be played differently than oldschool asylum because of set meta's i think it would be pretty fun lol.
  2. That would work if higher ups existed. APD leadership is poop.
  3. Unblacklist all the rebels that have made blacklist appeals over the last 6 months instead of denying all of them and maybe the APD would win something. @Leady @Mason Doesnt matter because this is falling on deaf ears most likely
  4. Salty This is fucking hilarious
  5. I am proud of you boys. Good job team.
  6. not crying, I didnt care about that. i used it as an example that they are afk, you don't play enough to see it. You have one group that fights the APD every day and I owned that group until I stopped playing. Its an issue that im very knowledgeable about and want to see resolved so the playerbase of asylum has a more enjoyable time playing.
  7. Was talking about darkknight, I know if we message you about content stuff youll respond, you don't have the ability to do anything about the APD. If you had the power you would have done something about it long ago.
  8. He has never pulled me storm or envy btw. Literally the only way the APD Gets better is through administrative intervention that won't happen because the Community manager's and server owners see nothing wrong with inactive APD leadership.
  9. If you count the people who are doing the servers events as the majority of their playtime trying to give you suggestions to your issues and having a real conversation with you bullshit then you probably have a disability. you don't have to blindfold anybody you just take them to telos. Telos is like a police HQ but the people in the CEO Headquarters know how to play the game. This is pre rule changes btw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LZjLWoDdZc ^ If you think that shouldnt have been changed then your a god damn retard. I had already ran over 50+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnBVsPP64t0 This is the APD. This is CEO attempting to help solve the APD problems so they can play the game and have a better time.
  10. Something something we all tried to get unblacklisted months ago. h Notice that was in for quite awhile before getting denied. Actively tried to help improve the APD in that time but was shot down at every opportunity by legitimately neglectful leadership. How about you get the fuck out of your echo chamber because I don't have any ill will towards anybody on the APD. You have had many many people try to get unblacklisted to play the APD again and try and improve it LEGITIMATELY so they can have a better time playing civ. nothing is done. you have captains in place both of who are inactive. Time to be replaced and the APD could likely be good again. im not linking 30+ gyazo's of conversation with darkknight pleading for shit to be improved and giving many many suggestions only to be shot down at legitimately every turn or completely fucking ignored unless we would kidnap him ingame and force him to be able to listen to these suggestions all of which then also go unheard When I made that blacklist appeal I was playing every day many hours a day having quite a bit of fun running CEO. If you have a group that is completely shitting on you legitimately trying to help you improve your situation and you tell all of them to go fuck themselves with a claw hammer and put yourself in an echo chamber then your probably going to have a fairly fucking awful faction.
  11. the problem is APD leadership, evidence is kinda a shit design and you know that. wouldnt need to get removed if you didnt have an AFK captain that gives 0 fucks holding a position that oversee's the entire faction. 3 years seems like quite a bit. When you afk out maybe its time to be removed / demoted and let somebody else take the wheel.
  12. its an APD leadership issue and has been for years...
  13. +1 You know as server owners / administrators you could force the fucking APD higher ups to let the good players play the fucking opposite faction after multi-year appeals. Im not talking about me either. Not like the same captain has been AFK on the apd for 3 fucking years or anything. its an APD leadership issue not a balance issue. takes 30 seconds to prepare if not less.
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