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  1. The "action taken" was what i thought would be a obvs joke. I guess not.
  2. This was pretty good. Music was cringe. +1
  3. I actually enjoyed this. While some stuff was breaking rules, it just seemed like a group of friends really just having fun. Thanks for posting. ACTION TAKEN
  4. I have NO shame in admitting that i am complete trash at this game and have no desire to get better at it. And this is proof. Haha nice driving though!!
  6. Virtual and physical inventory included!
  7. House, Garage, Industrial Shed: SHED Location (Town/DP#): Right outside 12 Asking Price: starting at 2m Description: WOW! One of the best sheds in game. close to cocaine (600 meters) and close to Air HQ and Air Shop! Guys this is a once in a lifetime buy! I LOVED this shed. But i bought a vacation home in Kavala and would like to buy another one and need the house spot. Robbing can be done easy from this shed and just farming. Good luck to all those who bid! and may the best win!!! Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  8. Happy to be here!
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