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  1. Man, asylum needs like a special on MTV or something. The comment section be poppin. I lowkey wake up excited to see the dumb stuff yall be saying on here lol. I would like to thank you all for the entertainment that sometimes HBO can not provide.
  2. Everything you said that was not made clear was made VERY clear on the announcement, People wanting to get houses they previously wanted is in some fashion one of the many reasons wipe was needed.. to shake up the real estate. People complains that it was not in a convenient timing for when they can get on must understand that life does not rotate around them. Just my personal thoughts, no shade intended. I could be wrong but it is how i feel.
  3. Had a great time with this wipe along with some friends, starting fresh was a great feeling. It is what the server needed. +1 for me.
  4. Still looking! Looking to spend about 12-15m depending on location.
  5. Does it meet what is asked and is it for sale?
  6. Hello, Looking to offer a good deal on one of the sheds near black market / meth lab area. If owner of any of these sheds would like to discuss business please reach out to me via Discord Natha#9643 Thanks, - Natha
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