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  1. looks like an arma player
  2. In-game name: nadirr Age: 16 Hours on Arma 3 (Screenshot required): Previous gangs: on oly: millennium, illicit, Requiem Why would you like to join Prime: i need a gang on asylum to fight with and actually WIN. (active NA player) How active will you be? (Ex: 5-6 Days a week): every day
  3. i got a utility knife and a pair of horseshoes
  4. In-game name: nadir Timezone: USC Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): Previous gang affiliations: illicit, Requiem, Millennium on olympus none on asylum Why we should accept you: i can get frags and im a decent player, i need a gang on here so i can fight cartels without getting zerged Member who can vouch for you : idk
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