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  1. I stop by on the forums to entertain myself. Its funny how much that bothers you.
  2. From a peak of 100/100 on 4 servers to one that isn't full on weekends. The fact that Asylum needs THREE Captains for ONE server is hilarious in itself--classic case of too many cooks in a kitchen. If anything, it should be a reduction in the #s of APD, not promotions given out.
  3. Worked, took 2 mins to do. Wonder how long till they catch on and fix this b/c people start uploading 20 min gifs to their server.
  4. Gotta make those sweet sweet montages with mumble rap
  5. If they'd used the hack to maybe kill everyone in kavala and blow it up over and over, that would be something mildly amusing but just to win in altis life cartels and create these cringey montages is pretty pathetic.
  6. Because Jesse was lead dev at Olympus so merging the two under one mission file and dev/owner is more sensible. If they wanted a distinct Asylum flavor, they could take the core Olympus mission file and modify it rather than starting over.
  7. I heard Google and his buddy made over $700 selling hacked in money on Olympus so that $65 was a 200 IQ investment.
  8. Small brains with large egos and mom's credit card.
  9. Amazing skill, you dodged the enemy fire brilliantly and took them down without breaking a sweat. 10/10 would watch again.
  10. Olympus is just a better server overall. Performance aside, it has whitelisted emt, cops that don't pay for loadouts that can use street language and not listen to fake toxic RP and be forced to give 50% discounts, bigger variety of weapons, gang war points you can actually spend on weapons/armor, better designed map layout, better activities etc. I don't play Arma at all anymore but I left Asylum permanently 2 years ago for Olympus because Asylum was too rigid in its ways and boring and it's still the same old shit. Maybe Jesse will change that with V2 but he'd have been better off getting Olympus somehow than starting over, especially since Arma itself is a dead game. The best thing to do would be to merge Asylum with Olympus with Jesse in charge.
  11. Get a dev to make an Asylum GTA V RP server.
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