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  1. No tag? Fine, n o r o u t e r @Noliver.
  2. Also I was happy that you used a Hopsin song but bruv idek why you saved some of those. I'm not even a god but cmon
  3. wtf happened to the mark 1 sounds? I thought this nigga was using an airsoft gun
  4. You even play the server anymore? I hope your parents lose all motor function retard bad since you joined explicit tbh.
  5. man's actually trying to defend that. How do you let that happen with over 20 brain cells?
  6. Olympus banned people, though tthe Asylum unban wave brought almost all of oly's cartel players over, which killed oly. When gang members weren't all getting banned, fights were popping. And you say a subset of the server pop, but cartels on oly really kept it going. Cartels meant people need money, which means runs/robbing. Gangs also do federal events often, this means interaction with cops/other factions, which contributes to the server's lively hood. People don't really get that niGGas who fight cartels are like always on the server, therefore always doing stuff and keeping it alive. Even if it isn't about the numbers there are, us negros participate in a wide range of crap just to get dissed by people like you, acting like we don't do anything.
  7. 17 second intro btw Nice pulldowns at 1:43
  8. Remove them. Forced people to use ifrits on olympus, except that all of the gangs on there died. L Still worked though
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