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  1. Yeah man now the APD will be able to process in the evidence lockup!!!! POGGERS!!!!!
  2. https://gyazo.com/898d87a9f9d844c4809fe5ba25075e91
  3. Hello Bryan! Please learn how to use the spell check ability built into the Gaming Asylum Forums because the following makes no sense almost like rogue becoming CM. "I will also agree the Ethan..." Nigga, Parzah (AKA mald session starter)
  4. Yo he makes a good point. I literally fall asleep in my chair driving back to rebel with 42 gold bars
  5. POV: fragged by integrated graphics at dom. so sad and still can't win a dom
  6. Hey man they might go blow up all your houses I'd be careful of what you say, they get their feelings hurt easily
  7. I think you really hurt his feelings bro, he took down the video and changed the title to look like it was nothing lol
  8. #FreeMyNiggaR3FL3X
  9. Free my nigga reflex, he did nothing wrong
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