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  1. 1.8 km from Zaros flag 1.8 km from Donor rebel 1.1 km from Oyster pro (with view of it) 2.2 km from Kaval Air shop Open bid Starting at 1.5M Map View : https://gyazo.com/49701c12d67c29f185fa7777922733ef
  2. "Open bid starting at 2.5 m"
  3. Good for distillery and LSD 590m from distillery 2.6 k From Dark Fungi Den 1.3k From Drug Runner 1 Open bid starting at 2.5 m Edit : comes with 500 corn and 300 yeast/water https://gyazo.com/de2c4b7973bfeab31ea875a895aa7f73 https://gyazo.com/f8b285f92c6dcba768ee38432deef9ce
  4. Ill pay 2m for the Firearm shed
  5. Good for meth fully upgraded virtual 200 physical https://gyazo.com/98c05e711cad09e606431fa65e5d7f6b https://gyazo.com/cab160a62922a125b1d838e4eb965d58 ~ 2.2k from meth ~ 950m from black market ~ 1.1k from heroin ~ 75m from salt processor ~ 3.5k from uranium ~ 1.9k from nuclear ~ 2.7k from drug runner 4 Bid starts at 500k
  6. Link your house picture and asking price also the house size
  7. Any Price 3k Within 1k of meth (preferably) Or DP 15 50k for anyone who finds the owner of any of these houses MSG me ur house and wanting price https://gyazo.com/4edd42e53c30a8b562d8b87b73d75d69 https://gyazo.com/979e471026b6da337009a2852d3035a4
  8. he was dropped as a child dont listen to him
  9. Meth house 1k 800m from lab Open Bid Map view https://gyazo.com/68c6a60b3e6a0ca72ed84d8148577ba7 Close up https://gyazo.com/cb7c355e23be45cb658eaf3892fb7203
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