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  1. Gang Command: BetaCuck Nomad Gang Recruitment Team: DarkRain Aden W. Jack Thresher .Max Zair ======================= Requirements: -| Mature, 16+ -| ABLE TO TAKE A JOKE -| 500+ Hours On Arma (Exceptions Can Be Made) -| Financially Stable -| Active ======================= Application: In-Game Name:* Discord Name:* Hours:* Age:* Bank:* Why Should We Recruit You Over Other Applicants:* Vouches?* ======================= If you are uncomfortable submitting your applicat
  2. We need a stat on my asylum that tracks medic's killed
  3. Heres what I'm saying. I think the numbers means everything. Seriously when you had hunters and striders and you slammed front of bank with a hunter it was a very very good chance you guys winning it. You cant tell me you dont think its overpowered when you see a bunch of people pulling ifrits in citys at the current moment being. I can completly see where your coming from with this. But take a look at my side. I have a 75k bounty in athira. I decide to pull out my ifrit that I payed 2x the price you guys paid for to flee. I decide to go and run and then I get spike stripped. What am I suppose
  4. I completely understand how the cops feel about there opinion on having ifrits. I think that it is 100% deservable for them for making fights more fair between cops and civs. I feel like I see LT's left and right pulling frits over a 50k bounty in prygos. I think that they are going a little overkill for situations. If anyone agrees with me. I think it is unfair that cops can use frits but when they see one that we pay triple the price that they have to pay for it. (Civ frits cost like 65k) and theres are way less then that. They seize it. I dont know if anyone agrees but I think that if polic
  6. my guy u just never owned a turf b4 there is a medical shop lmao
  7. In Game Name: Max Lowkey Age: 16 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Nope Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?:Never banned Any previous Gangs: No Previous gangs https://gyazo.com/c99125e50e8fb122940821603fce6c34
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