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  1. and they give you wayyy too much time for boat drug runners. fix that shit, its like the devs dont even test it out
  2. I just want them to remove this "exit vehicle" shit so that I don't keep ejecting out of my car going 200 down the highway. seriously, why tf is it a thing??
  3. I own the shed between truck shop and uranium mine, its in a compound next to an unbuilt shed. I could sell you vehicle garage and door keys if that's what you want, but thats the best i can do since i am using its storage and im not willing to sell it
  4. I would rather people grind meth and scotch and shit than grow weed in their houses all day, or take a submarine to a shipwreck and back in 15 minutes and make 200k
  5. Certain difficult money making methods that used to be very popular and profitable are now dead because there are so many easy ways of making money quickly.
  6. okay cool, I like the idea of an AFD fed event and I've never heard this brought up before. but I have one question... whose boat capsized and who are you rescuing?
  7. at this point, the devs should just do it. It would take a little while to do, but in the long run it would save a lot of time. they should have done it a long time ago. They can definitely do it, I think they have just always been putting it off
  8. Is it just me or are you fucking retarded?? To be fair, you guys freaking out over a bipod is kinda gay. I do not see the problem.
  9. remind me again why we want the apd completely assaulting a town for no reason??
  10. I almost had a stroke reading that at first lmao.
  11. The economy is a bit fucked up. its way too easy to make money, and shit is way too cheap Nerf the following money making methods: weed LSD shipwreck events Meth, scotch, and cartels should be the most profitable ways of making money IMO. Buff cartels (and turfs) Increase the following buy prices: Ifrits Helis 7.62 rifles Because everyone at cartels is in an ifrit (and no one cares if they lose one), and people literally crash orcas into the tower at drug to do a hot drop. It will also promote crafting. Buff the following money making methods because they are dead and should be better ways of making money: weapon/vehicle crafting cartels meth and scotch I think this stuff would balance shit a bit better. currently its just too easy to make money. it should be a challenge
  12. they should just nerf everything. money is way too easy to make
  13. okay, thats a valid opinion to have. I dont like either of them, but im pretty sure I prefer biden.
  14. I'm not saying that didn't happen lmao. I'm saying you're an idiot for assuming I'm a BLM supporter just because I don't love Trump. I couldn't be bothered to go to a BLM protest, and I don't remotely support the organization. You honestly believe that there are just two groups of people in America: diehard trump supporters and radical liberals. That's why I'm calling you brainwashed.
  15. You're calling me brainwashed? All I said was I'm not a maga head. You're a maga head.
  16. Yo I am the one and only player on a asylum who isnt a maga head. you can join my gang; make an app here: https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/118376-la-sombra-recruitment/
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