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  1. Junke could never be this good
  2. TommyY

    New Drug: Jenkem

    bro lose weight ill would suggest that to you
  3. Good tage focus littlee twink boy
  4. Bro don't even use combat stance westside sucks TP on top
  5. bro you don't even get clips stfu
  6. 250k for type mags is way too much when rpg are 111k rocket
  7. fuck Ken for banning him @Ken @DEMI ROZE ヅ
  8. would be fun for all the gangs to attend too
  9. Previous Names: Tommy Age: 20 Timezone: east Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): 2000 Previous gang affiliations: :Prime Envy Hyper Crimson Dragons
  10. InGame Name: Westside fragger Arma Hours (Screenshot): 2000 Previous Gangs:Prime Envy Hyper Crimson Dragons Bank balance:1m What is your main money making activity?: Cartels Which position listed above are you applying for?Leader Which click or set listed above are you applying for? What can you bring to wC?: Will out frag most of your memebers Why do you want to join?: Talk shit also be the leader Who can vouch for you?: OB1
  11. steve you such fucking roleplayer shit sever it's dying every single day
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